Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Ben's Birthday!

Oct. 10, 2010

Today was thanksgiving with Bo's side. I'm still not speaking to Bo, or anyone else for that matter, thanks to me laryngitis and bronchitis. I am trying to be a good sport through it all though. I'm writing this post almost a month later, and frankly my memory is pretty foggy. I remember being very tired...oh yeah...

I remember my slow motion fall too. We were coming up the stairs from the underground parking garage to the main lobby of the condo. Jenny and Alex were with us (we arrived at the same time), Bo had Oliver, and I had my arms full of cookies, dishes, buns and one very breakable birthday gift. As I stepped into the lobby (meaning there were no more stairs in front of me), my knee gave out, or I stumbled on something, and I was down, crashing onto my knees. I managed to keep hold of everything though, thank goodness, but I honestly have no idea how then hell I fell. Oliver lost it, having miraculously never seen his mother fall before (I am very accident prone). It took a second for it to register in his mind what had happened, but once he did it was screams and tears until Mom could stop silently laughing long enough to say it was ok.

Other then that though, no much new. Oh yeah...except for the news that JENNY AND ALEX ARE GETTING MARRIED OCT. 15 2011!!!!!!!!! Thats a year sooner then they originally led us to believe, so Bo and I are ecstatic! The countdown is now on, and making it even better, Oliver's the ring bearer. It's going to be such a blast!

Ok, back to Thanksgiving.

These are the cookie bags that I made the day before, and that Oliver did such a good job tasting for me.

Here's Ben's gift, all nicely wrapped up. I love wrapping gifts :)

Aunt Diana found Oliver this's a cutie-pie hat...but my son, well, he's head is enormous, so it didn't come close to fitting.

He was a good sport though, and let us rest it there for a while.

Jenny, already trying to think of some of the eleventy-billion things she now needs to do to get ready for that wedding.

What sweetie? Already tired of pictures?

Ben's birthday cake

Awww, cute Ben with Marty and Diana

Somebody liking their cake

And their berries. This child loves his berries!

Cousin Ben popping down to out end.

Baki playing with Oliver.

It's hard not to just relax and smile at these things :)

Somebody has finally relaxed! For the first 90 minutes Oliver played strange with everyone. Now though, now he's ready to run around and get sweaty. Thank god uncle Alex was there.

Look at me. I don't have any bloody clue what's going on here, I'm not looking at the camera, I'm not watching Oliver who is clearly plotting to do something that he's not aloud to do...

At least I still looked better then Uncle Marty though, lol

We gave Ben and e-reader for his trips back and forth from BC to Ontario, and we cut up the inside of a dictionary (Bo's idea) to screw with him a bit. A note to anyone out there who thinks this is a good idea...Don't do it. It takes a boatload of time, and it's so aggravating, and the reader isn't even that thick!

It did look really great though, and made one hell of an impression. I do love to wrap gifts :)

Thanksgiving is officially over, and I can't say I'm sad this year. I am so tired, and so full, I just want to sleep for a week.

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