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Oct. 31, 2010

This Halloween was certainly more fun then last year because Oliver kinda knew something was going on (not what though). Last year he was a dinosaur and a dalmatian (I'll have to find those pictures). This year he was supposed to be Woody from Toy Story. He grabbed the costume off the rack at Toys'r'Us a month ago, but when we gave it a test run on Thursday night it was too tight. Like, way too tight. When Oliver tried to bend over to pick up a toy he fell over kinda too tight.

So, Saturday we ran around to find him a new costume, and settled on Scooby-doo. Who doesn't love Scooby-doo right?

Sunday rolled around and it was freezing! Snowing off an on all day, with some hail thrown in for good measure in the afternoon. This propelled us over to Bonnie Togs to get Oliver his snowsuit (and boots, because we saved $10 buying them together, Woot!). The other good thing about the new costume is that it's just big enough to get a winter jacket under.

My Mom came up at 2 to run over to Tim and Jenny's with us, then to hand out candy while Bo and I take Oliver door to door. Thank god for inlaws, right? Tim and Jenny were quite happy to finally have a trick-or-treat'er at their place, since they moved from Barrie to Innisfil (and onto 10 glorious acres), they haven't had one. Oliver was happy to get loaded up with goldfish crackers and a stuffed pumpkin.We left Tim and Jenny's around 4 because Aunt Tash and Josh were waiting at our house to see Oliver for a bit in his costume. This has been a busy day, lol.

Getting used to having an even bigger head.

Really Mommy, more pictures?

I could get used to this costume...

It makes it WAY easier to hide from the camera (kind of)

My heart, this is too much for it.

So is this. Look at the adorable tail, the adult hand actions while dressed as a cartoon dog...too much

And look at those cheeks! How I will miss those kissable cheeks when he's all grown.

All he's missing is two turn-tables now.

Wadda you lookin' at? hee hee

Too much. Just too, too much.

Lesson of the day: Scooby-doo likes to ATV

In between all the Halloween stuff (like decorating last minute, carving pumpkins last minute, buying candy last minute, finding costumes last you see a trend here) I've also had to change my ways in the kitchen. We're stiff struggling with Oliver's stomach issues (mainly, poop), but when I took him to the doctors this past week for his 15 month shots (which were late because he was too sick last appointment), we found out that he's also not gaining wait...he's actually lost almost a quarter of a pound since his last appointment a few weeks ago. Granted, he's been sick the last two weeks, but this still isn't good. He's falling off the curve and I'm a basket case over it.

Any way. Dinner's are rough, Oliver hardly ever wants to eat, so I'm trying to really beef up his breakfasts so that he gets more into him when he does it. It's worth it, I'll do what ever it takes, but it is a little exhausting, at least it is so far. Hopefully it'll get easier the longer I do it. So, Halloween was also spent baking loafs for the week and the freezer, and prepping everything that I could for the week to come to make it easier for me in the mornings.

Tonights dinner was ribs and chili. Mom and Bo didn't eat the chili (well, my mom had a little bit) because it was too spicy. Oliver though, thank goodness, he actually liked and ate it. So did I. I love the spice! After dinner we headed out and trick-or-treated at about 8 houses, and by then Oliver's nose was red from the cold and it was time to go home.

Getting all bundled up before heading out.

A little confused about what's happening.

Wait...I just walk up to strangers doors, knock, and demand candy? I don't think so!

My heart.

LOL! He is really not sure about this.

Our first door...

And our last (back home)

He could wait to check out what he got (that Mommy's going to eat, sorry hunny, you're still too small)

Wait, how'd he get those smarties?

What better way to end trick-or-treating then with a glow stick sword?

He was a huge hit though, how could he not be!

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