Monday, November 1, 2010

Markers and a full belly

Oct. 16, 2010

Nothing happened for the last six days because, like I hoped, I slept for the last week. I was home sick on Tuesday, went to work Wednesday but felt like death, then was off Thursday and at a photography show Friday. So, here we are!

Jenny and Alex surprised Oliver with a fantastic book about Hippos and their bellybuttons, and some markers. His first real markers, so we though we'd try them out.

While able to sword fight with them, we really didn't get much on the paper after our breakfast this morning.

Uh oh...turns out that still now feeling as good as I thought. I retreated to the couch for most of the day...

I did snap this after dinner though, this is one stuffed little guy. And tired. Stuffed and tired. Just like his Momma. Thankfully not sick like her though, not anymore.

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