Monday, November 15, 2010

Where to start...

It has been one hell of a hectic weekend!

First off:

Friday morning I found out that I'm pregnant with number two! WOOOO! I was able to keep it a secret all day by being in a bad mood. I really don't do well not telling Bo everything the second that I know. This was very tough. Bo had his doctor appointment tonight too, so he'd be late getting home, plus my mom was still there and Sven decided to come down to see Oliver.

All these things really put a hamper on my plans, lol.

I stopped on my way home from work and bought a pair of pajamas for Oliver that say "big brother" on them. Once Mom and Sven FINALLY left Bo ran over to shoppers to pick up his prescription and I changed Oliver.

Here's the best part:

Bo came home, walked upstairs, talked to Oliver, then went to change (he was still in his work clothes). The shirt didn't register, nada. LOL! Once he was back he picked Oliver up from playing and but him in his bouncer, and that's when he finally noticed. He wanted to know why Oliver was in a "big brother" shirt. Then the lightbulb went off. Lol, too damn funny.

It gets bumpy here though...

Saturday morning I woke up spotting. Just brown, and not a ton, but we were a little concerned.

Saturday we also went to Bo's Aunt Mary's for the afternoon for a visit. It was nice, but my mind was elsewhere.

Saturday night I thought things had slowed down, but then I had some bright red spotting. Now we were getting really concerned.

All day Sunday I was back to brown spotting, and that's continued into today (Monday).

I've got a doctors appointment tonight, I'm hoping to get my HCG levels tested today and then again in a couple of days to see where they're at. Bo and I are both worried and nervous. It's starting to feel a bit too much like the last time around.

Fingers crossed.

Edit: Who doesn't post pictures of their pregnancy test. I mean, please, it's never too early to see something that I've literally peed on, right? Any way. Jump up and down three times, squint really hard with only your left eye and lean to your right and you'll be able to see the (barely there) second line. Or just enlarge the picture. Whatever works for ya.

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