Monday, November 22, 2010

Time to get our paint on

Nov. 20, 2010

Oliver likes to paint, and it used to be that almost every weekend I'd bust out the finger paints for him on Saturday morning. For the last few months though, he's been happy colouring with his Crayola's, and I've been happy not having to scrub paint out from under his fingernails.

I figured that was being pretty selfish though, so this Saturday I busted the paint back out.

I was regretting it as soon as I did it.

Come on Mom, you know that this isn't enough paint for me.

Alright, I'll start with this...but know that I'll need more!

What the...NOOOOOOOO. 
What Mama? Finger painting alone is so last month, head painting is the latest thing.

Look at that smirk. Look at it. He's plotting something again!

If only I could get out of this chair and over to the walls...

Hmmm... What could I do to get out of this chair...

By this point I'd just reserved myself to let what happens happen. Shudder.

I wonder if I could climb up that bookcase and reach the ceiling to paint it? Just call me Michaelangelo. 

Maybe I'll wait until later to try though... I'm getting a little tired from all this painting.


From here we went straight into a much needed bath, where the water turned a rainbow of colours. It was pretty great.

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