Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oliver's First Basketball Game

Oct. 17, 2010

Today was a pretty kick-ass day from beginning to end. I got up early with Oliver, even though it's Sunday. I was up anyway. So, we carried over our Saturday tradition and I took pictures while he was his adorable self.
I love that my boys' favorite thing to do is read. 

I'm so going to read this book...

Humph...it seems to be a bit bigger and thinner then the books I'm used to looking at by myself...

Hey mom...

I think he's getting into trouble here...or thinking about getting into

Or maybe he's just being a goof, he's pretty good at that.

Drink break.

Just. No words.

Mom! I found horsey! 

Remember Mom, Santa gave me horsey when I had my picture taken with him last year.

I remember him being bigger...

You know what my boy likes almost as much as reading? Playing the piano. I just need to get my piano shipped here so that we can play together. Oliver hates it when I start busting out chopsticks on his.

Daddy's up!

You know what Daddy's are great for? Along with kisses...

Some kick-ass cuddles.

We lounged around on the couch for a little while longer, then headed up to the city. My mom was gifted some basketball tickets by a very nice doctor in her hospital. We've now made it abundantly clear that should he ever need to get rid of any more, we're willing takers.

Oliver, it turns out, is a huge basketball fan. I wish he'd had this much fun at the leafs game as Bo and I are more hockey fans then basketball, though we enjoy both. Oliver though, he LOVED that they played music through the whole game, and he danced constantly in our laps, on the floor, and in a seat.

Taking everything in when we first sit down.

Really mom, already with the camera? You know there's a game you could be watching.

Great seats, again. We're very lucky!

Look behind you. The littler bugger got me there.

Rasin time

Uh ho, must have been a bad play.

Oh that grin...How many times I've already given in to that grin.

Just chillin' at the basketball game.

Something good must have happened...I'm not sure what though, as I've been staring through the lens of a camera for the last 45 minutes.

When this is the view though, really, how could you mind. 

Do I hear what I think I hear?

Hey Sara...I didn't realize you were here...

Oh...you're right behind us...hold on a sec, I've got another call...

Hey Britney...yeah, great to see you too...I didn't know you were a basketball fan...one sec...

Oh crap...

Uh, hi Tiffany...no, no, I wasn't waving at anyone. Oh, you saw me on tv. GRRRAASSSHH I think GGRRAASSSH can't hear you...

Time to put this baby on silent!

See, great seats! Oliver was completely contained and couldn't hit anyone in the back of the head with anything, lol

Snuggles...I love snuggles!

And head butts, I love those too

I'll take just about anything actually. Even if it's just Oliver sitting with me watching the Raptor's mascot.

This guy seriously earns his keep.

After the game we headed over to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, my absolute favorite go to restaurant in Toronto that we absolutely must go to whenever we can. It's really reasonable too ($16 gets you salad, unlimited bread with whipped butter and garlic butter, fettuccine Alfredo and ice cream). Did I mention that I love this restaurant...I need to come up with another reason to head downtown!

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