Monday, November 8, 2010

Call me a liar

So, last week all I did was profess to be caught up, and about to post some recipes...and I didn't. I wasted the afternoon actually doing some work. Crazy.

Any way, I've brought a stack of recipes with me today to match up with all the photos, so I really should have at least a few for you later :)

First lets catch up on the weekend.


Friday night was just a blah night, I was exhausted, Bo was exhausted, and Oliver was pretty darn tired too. Maybe it had something to do with the "I'm over tired" fit that he threw Thursday until 10:30 at night, without a nap (except for 10 minutes during dinner, lol). Nana and Papa came over for dinner Thursday night too though, so I'm sure that helped to rile him up.

We all went to bed as early as possible on Friday, I think it was just before 10.


I was up with Oliver at 7 on Saturday morning while Bo had his day to sleep in. I made us some delicious Dutch Babies for breakfast. I don't know where that name came from, I call them puffy oven pancakes. Dutch Babies in the oven for 15 minutes at 425 is just wrong.

Oliver actually loved his breakfast, thank goodness! I was making some spiced apple slices to go along with them, but Oliver started being cute and I went to play with him and forgot about the apples on the cook-top until the smoke reached me in the hall. Spiced apple slices aren't so good charred, and the pancakes were almost done so I didn't have a chance to re-make them.

After breakfast we played for a little bit longer, then Oliver started getting sleepy so I put him down for a nap. The house was absolutely destroyed downstairs, but I kinda love when it's like that on a Saturday morning because it means we've had a hell of a lot of fun! Oliver had his nap around 10:45, and I tidied up the kitchen and finalized our grocery list and menu plan. I woke Bo up at 12 because I wanted to take Oliver to the 1pm showing of Megamind. He loves his movies just as much as I do. Oliver woke up around 12:15 (perfect timing that kid has), so while Bo got himself and Oliver ready, I went down and made Oliver a grilled cheese for lunch to bring with us.

We got to the theater around 12:50 and it was sold out.


I did all the calculations about the movie and time. It was something like this:

Opening weekend + new family film - not the 3D showing - first showing of the day = ok to arrive close to show time.

I was totally wrong. Apparently lots of little kids don't like 3D, and lots of other parents like to get the promised movie over with early. Oh well, C'est la vie. We checked movie times for the rest of the day and it was playing again (not in 3D) at 4:30 here and at 3:30 in Aurora (10 minutes away). So, we headed across the street to do our grocery shopping first instead of after the movie, then headed home. I quickly put the grocery's away while Bo changed Oliver then we headed back to Aurora. We got there with plenty of time, got some fantastic seats, and shared a slice of pizza with Oliver.

The movie was good, not quite as good as Despicable me, but way better then Alpha and Omega (our last movie with the little guy). Oliver crashed as soon as we got back to the car, so we drove past our place to Tim and Jenny's to borrow one of their ladders to put up our Christmas lights. Jenny's in Buffalo with her sisters, and Tim was at work, but Jake was around so he threw it in the car for us and we headed back home.

I made sloppy joe's for dinner, and Oliver loved it! Yeah for a good day of eating for a change :) After dinner we just flopped on the couch and spent the night going between the hockey game (Leaf's lost...and how when they were up 2 to 1 with 1:28 left is beyond me) and some real estate shows.


Sunday was time change day, so when Oliver woke up at 8:30 it was actually 7:30, but it still felt like sleeping in to me so I got up with him and Bo. I've really got to stop doing this and just sleep in one of these days!

I made a sausage bake and toast for breakfast (sausage, egg, onion and green pepper, so yummy), Oliver ate a decent amount, but he LOVED toast with black currant jam on it. I love this kid and his tastes so, so much! We spent a bit of time just playing and goofing off, and I made a pie crust for a lemon meringue pie for dessert tonight too, (and I prepped the onions, carrots and celery for dinner).

Then it was Christmas light time! We didn't put up lights outside last year because we had some ridiculous notion that they were expensive. They're not. It cost us $15 to go across the front of the garage. I think we're going to add a second set around the top of the front porch though too, next weekend. We bundled Oliver up into his snow suit and put him (sleepily) into his stroller. He was blissfully happy to watch his Daddy go up and down the ladder and try to figure out what he was doing. After the lights we just had to run over to the post office at Shoppers and pick up the Radio Flyer horse that my mom ordered for him for Christmas, then to Sobeys because I needed more eggs.

Back home I made the filling and the meringue for the pie and baked it, and then I made some rolled shortbread cookies. Because, why not right? Who doesn't like rolled shortbread cookies. Truth be told, I've got a bag full of them beside me right now. At work. At 8:38 in the morning. I am trying to hold off until 10 before I break into them though (the one I ate this morning at 6 before I left the house doesn't count).

Once that was done we had a small lunch (breakfast was around 10, and I wanted Oliver to eat his dinner). Just a bagel with cream cheese (which Oliver didn't eat much of at all), and some pears and oranges cut up. After lunch we headed back up to Tim and Jenny's to drop off the ladder. Jenny was back from shopping, and Tim had the tractor out, so it was basically Bo, Jenny and I standing around for an hour while Tim took Oliver on a bunch of tractor rides. The kid is just too much!

I made chicken pot pie for dinner, which is so freaking fabulous it's ridiculous. I made it last week one day (can't remember which) and Bo requested it again this weekend because it liked it so much (even though the chicken was a little dry the first time around). I fixed it this time though by upping the amount of sauce used. It's so SO good. I had some packaged up to bring to work today for lunch but forgot it at home, which really bloody sucks (at least I remembered those cookies though, lol). Oliver hardly ate anything, I think he was just too tired from all the time outside. That still sucks though.

We headed upstairs with our pie (which Oliver did eat and love, little bugger), and watched an hour of tv while Oliver and I cuddled until he fell asleep. Then I headed to bed to watch Boardwalk Empire (it's my hour a week that I really look forward too), Bo put Oliver to bed and had a bath (still no working shower, we'll get there though), and then we crashed.

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