Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday December 14, 2009

Today was a bit on the busy and hectic side.

After Oliver's first feeding he played for a bit and then napped. While he did that I got everything ready for us to go out later, and did the menu for the week. After his second feeding we loaded into the car and headed to loblaws, where Oliver decided he didn't want to be in the car seat. He proceeded to scream the entire time we were there, only stoping when I was willing to take him out.

It is insanely hard to hold a baby while pushing a grocery cart, grabbing stuff of the shelves, and checking it off the list. The next fantastic moment was when he decided to take a giant poop as we were heading to the check-out, meaning that even holding him wouldn't stop the screaming (lucky us that now Oliver hates having a wet or dirty diaper, lol, hopefully this will make training easier!). So, after every third item being scanned through, I would run to the back of the cart and wag sophie in front of him, in hopes of placating him, to no avail.

Once we finished checking out it was off to the washrrom, where he still kept screaming, only stopping to watch other women wash their hands. It was all just so exhausting! A first for me today? Going pee in a public washroom while holding Oliver (still screaming). It was just nuts.

From there we headed home, Oliver slept in the car and was absolutly perfect for the rest of the day. I guess he djust didn't feel like going grocery shopping today.

We had one more trip to make though. When Bo got home we headed back to Newmarket and to the Gap. I got a coupon good only today and tomorrow for 30% off the entire purchase. Oliver still needed a winter jacket, so that was the main purchase, but we ended up buying Christmas gifts for everyone (Nana, Papa, Mom, Tim and Jenny), and we got everything, along with Oliver's coat, for $150 tax in, leaving us $100 for Jakes, Jenny's and Bens!

Once back home I cooked pasta with a meat sauce and garlic bread while Bo fed Oliver, then we ate, watched a could Christmas episodes (Two and a half Men and The Big Bang Theory), then we put Oliver to bed, I had a bath, Bo had a bath, and we finally fell asleep around 11. Way too late considering how tired I was.

I almost forgot, Bo got a call from Appliance Canada and a new fridge is being delivered tomorrow, THANK GOD! It only took three damn weeks, but at least we're getting a new one!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday December 11 to Sunday December 13, 2009

I'm throwing all the days together because I just never found a chance over the weekend. Oliver's awake now too, so I'll have to condense so that we can go play.

Friday was the day Oliver met Santa. We headed to the mall around 11:30 for his first picture with Santa, and it was exactly 12:05 when we hit the display. It was also exactly 12:05 when Santa took his lunch break, to return at 1:05. Bugger. There wasn't even a line up then.

So, Oliver and I wasted some time by walking around the mall and shopping at the Gap. He got a very cute red and grey stripped cardigan, a green waffle long sleeved onsie, and three pairs of waffle pj pants (red, grey and green). All to grow into after Christmas, I can't wait!

At 1 we heading back to the Santa area, to be met with a looong line up, so we had to wait for an hour, during which Oliver was all smiles and laughs. He was also completly mesmorized by the display, staring up at all the colours and lights. Then we got to Santa, and he stopped smiling, dropped his mouth open, and did the typical baby stare, lol. The lady at the camera tried her best, waving bells and such at him, but no luck. I still think the picture is absolutly adorable though!

The rest of the afternoon was standard, then I made porcupine balls for dinner.

Saturday I went back to sleep for another hour after Oliver ate the first time, but was still tired for the rest of the day. Bo had a migrane but he helped me a lot with Oliver so that I could clean downstairs. All my cookbooks are finally put away temporarily (until the shelves are built), and everything is nice and tidy.

Our furniture arrived around 4pm, and we couldn't be happier with it. We both absolutly love the way it looks, and it's surprisingly comfortable for something that looks more formal. We've already spent quite a good amount of time on it infront of the fire, and even moved Oliver's tummy mat down there. Tonight we had a roast of pemeale bacon for dinner with turnup and home fries for sides.

Sunday was more of the same, in the bad sense. Bo still had that migrane, only worse, and I woke up with some insane tooth pain on my right side. At first I thought I just clenched my teeth while I slept, but it still hasn't gone away. I'm starting to think I need another root canal...brutal.

For breakfest I made bacon with a fried bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich for Bo, and a cheese omlet for myself. I also made some fresh buttermilk biscuits which were fantastic with a little butter and black currant jam.

After breakfest we both just kinda lounged around. While I was cooking Bo took a nap on the new couch, which Oliver napped on the mat on the floor beside him, nice and toasty wtih the fire roaring.

After breakfest (which was late, more like lunch), I started on some monkey bread for later, which took me the rest of the afternoon, so no cleaning or anything. Bo and I spent a bit of time playing games (buzztime trivia and yahtzee), then I ran over to Papa D's to grab a pizza for dinner.

The monkey bread turned out fantastic, but I was too full from pizza to really eat much. Stupid me.

Anyway, that about wraps up the weekend. Hopefully I'll be better at posting next weekend.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday December 10, 2009

It's official (I think) I'm getting sick again. Not so official I guess.

Today I went absolutl crazy and utilized my kitchen to it's full potential...I made buttertarts AND a lemon meringue pie! Both were fantastic by the way!

Oliver and I started our day as usual (pumping, eating, playing), only today I took any breaks that he gave me through napping or bouncing to make pie crusts and fillings and then pull it all together.

This afternoon the painter came to touch-up our peeling garage door, which was fine, but he totally half-assed the crap on the garage side that he did. At least we don't see that very often.

Sorry, this post is a little rushed because as you'll learn tomorrow, I'm feeling like crap and have a migrane coming on....ok, back to the 10th.

Just after the painter left Oliver woke up from a nap and wanted to bounce, fantastic, except for the fact that as soon as I put him in there he had a huge blow-out. What made this especially fantastic was that just before he went down for that nap I gave him a bath. Murphy's law, right. lol.

After cleaning him up, and a bareley anything feeding, Oliver fell asleep in his bouncer, and I fell asleep on the couch, instead of preping dinner. I wasn't feeling great, ok.

Anyway, my perfect, fantastic, adorable husband then offered pizza for dinner, so that I wouldn't have to go and cook. He really is perfect, even if he does reset his alarm in the morning.

We ate pizza on the couch, while I moaned and groaned and Oliver through a couple of fits and fought to not eat. The poor kid, his teeth are just driving him nuts. We (or I, Bo was playing with his phone) watched Heston's Feats (it was Roman tonight), and as usual was completly grossed out and loved every minute it. Then it was off to bed and time to sleep, I didn't even read, I was exhausted!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday December 9. 2009

Today Oliver and I were back to our routine:

Up between 7:00 and 7:30. I pump while he talks to me from the crib, and then after getting all the bottles ready, I change him and warm up his first bottle for the day. It's about this time that Daddy pops in to say goodbye before he leaves for work. Today was one of the good days where Oliver's already out of the crib and on the change table for this, so Bo was able to play with him for a few minutes, blowing on his hands and pretending to eat them, eliciting a run of giggles.

From there we retreated to the family room to start our day. We spent a couple of hours swaping between eating and playing, when I started to get really tired, so we took a little nap, Oliver snuggled into my arm and chest, and me with my head comfortably resting on the back of the couch (ok, maybe not so comfortably). I was worried that my arm would slip while I slept though and wake Oliver up, so I made sure to cushion his with pillows.

About 10 minutes after we woke up (after a very short 15 minute nap, apparently I should have slept during the first hour Oliver was passed out) Great Gulf Tim arrived and fixed our vent exhaust for me, which is awesome because now I can cook Bo some bacon on the weekend and see how the exhaust works!

I just want to throw in here that when I cook with gas, I feel like a rock star. It's like I've been building up to this, and have finally arrived, cooking wise. I came to this realization while making myself some cream of wheat though, which kind of destroys all my credibility as a chef.

The last bit of the afternoon was spent playing with just about every toy in site, and getting dinner together.

Tonight we had roast chicken, parsion cooked carrots and my roasted potatoes. There was a fair amount of fail though. I used the oven probe for the first time, and I got a false reading, the chicken came out bloody, but because I was going by that temp, I was cooking everything to be ready at the same time, andd Murphy's law, it actually was (for the first time ever). So, the chicken needed to cook for another 20 minutes, which ment that the crispy potatoes had to go back in the oven to keep warm and went soggy, and the carrots were near mush due to over cooking.

Somehow though, it all still tasted ok, which I guess matters more. And at least I cooked, because I really didn't feel like it. I was just so tired and starting to feel sick again, which sucks because I'm still getting over being sick the last time.

I'll mention that part of the problem is that we've officially encountered winter, with two blustry nights in a row now, and the wind makes our gigantic 8" vent hood ehxaust flap bang because there aren't enough houses up yet, and that wakes and then keeps me up, for hours. It really sucks.

Back to the day, after dinner we watched the season fanile of Glee, and it sucked because it was so good and now that's it until April. I just love a good show tune some times. Oliver crashed about 9:30, which was perfect because it ment we could all go to bed together.

Oh yeah, Barbra Walter's 10 most fasciniting people was on at 10, so we put it on in bed for a bit tddo laugh at how she replaces all her r's with w's.

Another perfect day, although I didn't get Olver to see Santa like I'd wanted to, but now I'm thinking it's best to do it on the weekend so that Bo can come too, I think it's something he wants to be there for but doesn't say.

Life's perfect, but then, what else is new.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday December 8, 2009

Well, we've been in the house for just over two weeks now, and I've FINALLY found the time to get my act together and start this blog up. I mean really, between moving, unpacking, having bronchitus and taking care of Oliver, what took me so long...

So, yesterday was a looong day. I had to get up with Bo because Oliver has a doctor's appointment (his 5 month check up), and stupid me made it for 10:30am. Not a problem when you live within the general vacinity, but really stupid when you're over an hour away without traffic, nevermind the tail end of rushhour.

So, up at 7:28, rush brush my teeth, etc. and lay out the clothes I'm going to wear. All I can say is THANK GOD I got Oliver's diaper bag ready the night before. Next, in to pump, which thankfully woke up my smiing baby boy, then it was time to feed him and get him changed to go out, then I got changed, then we were off.


I couldn't see out the back window of my car, and the low fuel light was on, so, quick stop at the gas station for some fuel and a much needed car wash. Living in a construction zone will do that.

By 9:05 we were on the highway, and traffic wasn't as bad as I expected. We made it to the Dr's by 10:10am, perfect timing. I would have actually been there sooner, but I missed the exit from express so I had to go an extra 4km down the highway before I could turn around.

Oliver decided that he was going to pull a repeat of Monday (meaning be super fussy at random intervals for no reason) and through multiple fits while in the waiting room. My best guess is that they were triggered by the picture of the farari on the wall...every time he would look at it, he would just start screaming.

So, into the office, where are usual I had no questions or complaints (my son is perfect, didn't you know, screaming and all). Next it was time for his second dose of the roto virus...not nearly as bad as last time (Oliver didn't revert to that dinosaour that spits this time), but there were still lots of tears. Actually enough of a fit that Sam thought something else was wrong and did a full check-up (ears, nose, throat), but he's perfectly healthy.

Now it was time to eat again though, or past time to eat, so we started in the office, and headed out to the car to finish. Nana met us at the office for the visit, I forgot to mention that before.

From there we headed home, we were going to pop in to visit Daddy but he had a tender closing, and it was probably better that we didn't.

Once home I gave Great Gulf Tim a call to see if an electrition could test our dryer outlet. Monday night Tim brough over their washer and dryer for us, but the dryer didn't work. My first guess was that it was an electrical problem, especially considering all the problems that we had in the kitchen. Sure enough, that's what it was. Something in the basement was mislabeled, but they got it working.

I should mention that I was REALLY happy that they got it working because about 30 minutes before they arrived to fix it Oliver had a MAJOR blow out. I mean major! He was in his jumperoo for a while, when all of the suudden I heard that tell tale bbbbrrrruuuuuuppppppppppfffffff. Crap. Literally.

So, I went and pulled him out, only to see that the back of the seat had a think coating down the back of it. Which ment it was through the diaper, onsie AND track pants. Dear lord. There was no neat way to tackel this, so his chang pad mad and cover both found themselves in a tub full of water along with the clothes.

So, the washer and dryer ran non stop for the rest of the night.

Bo came home from work about 5:30, and I convinced him to park in the garage because we're supposed to get our first big snow storm tomorrow. We had a pretty basic dinner of meatloaf, brocoli and baked potatoes, but it tasted great. There was nothing on tv to watch, and Oliver was a little out of sorts (he didn't eat well today) and fell asleep early at 8:30, so we headed to bed too.

Bo needed to have a bath first though. He can not wait for us to have a shower up and running!