Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday December 11 to Sunday December 13, 2009

I'm throwing all the days together because I just never found a chance over the weekend. Oliver's awake now too, so I'll have to condense so that we can go play.

Friday was the day Oliver met Santa. We headed to the mall around 11:30 for his first picture with Santa, and it was exactly 12:05 when we hit the display. It was also exactly 12:05 when Santa took his lunch break, to return at 1:05. Bugger. There wasn't even a line up then.

So, Oliver and I wasted some time by walking around the mall and shopping at the Gap. He got a very cute red and grey stripped cardigan, a green waffle long sleeved onsie, and three pairs of waffle pj pants (red, grey and green). All to grow into after Christmas, I can't wait!

At 1 we heading back to the Santa area, to be met with a looong line up, so we had to wait for an hour, during which Oliver was all smiles and laughs. He was also completly mesmorized by the display, staring up at all the colours and lights. Then we got to Santa, and he stopped smiling, dropped his mouth open, and did the typical baby stare, lol. The lady at the camera tried her best, waving bells and such at him, but no luck. I still think the picture is absolutly adorable though!

The rest of the afternoon was standard, then I made porcupine balls for dinner.

Saturday I went back to sleep for another hour after Oliver ate the first time, but was still tired for the rest of the day. Bo had a migrane but he helped me a lot with Oliver so that I could clean downstairs. All my cookbooks are finally put away temporarily (until the shelves are built), and everything is nice and tidy.

Our furniture arrived around 4pm, and we couldn't be happier with it. We both absolutly love the way it looks, and it's surprisingly comfortable for something that looks more formal. We've already spent quite a good amount of time on it infront of the fire, and even moved Oliver's tummy mat down there. Tonight we had a roast of pemeale bacon for dinner with turnup and home fries for sides.

Sunday was more of the same, in the bad sense. Bo still had that migrane, only worse, and I woke up with some insane tooth pain on my right side. At first I thought I just clenched my teeth while I slept, but it still hasn't gone away. I'm starting to think I need another root canal...brutal.

For breakfest I made bacon with a fried bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich for Bo, and a cheese omlet for myself. I also made some fresh buttermilk biscuits which were fantastic with a little butter and black currant jam.

After breakfest we both just kinda lounged around. While I was cooking Bo took a nap on the new couch, which Oliver napped on the mat on the floor beside him, nice and toasty wtih the fire roaring.

After breakfest (which was late, more like lunch), I started on some monkey bread for later, which took me the rest of the afternoon, so no cleaning or anything. Bo and I spent a bit of time playing games (buzztime trivia and yahtzee), then I ran over to Papa D's to grab a pizza for dinner.

The monkey bread turned out fantastic, but I was too full from pizza to really eat much. Stupid me.

Anyway, that about wraps up the weekend. Hopefully I'll be better at posting next weekend.

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