Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday December 8, 2009

Well, we've been in the house for just over two weeks now, and I've FINALLY found the time to get my act together and start this blog up. I mean really, between moving, unpacking, having bronchitus and taking care of Oliver, what took me so long...

So, yesterday was a looong day. I had to get up with Bo because Oliver has a doctor's appointment (his 5 month check up), and stupid me made it for 10:30am. Not a problem when you live within the general vacinity, but really stupid when you're over an hour away without traffic, nevermind the tail end of rushhour.

So, up at 7:28, rush brush my teeth, etc. and lay out the clothes I'm going to wear. All I can say is THANK GOD I got Oliver's diaper bag ready the night before. Next, in to pump, which thankfully woke up my smiing baby boy, then it was time to feed him and get him changed to go out, then I got changed, then we were off.


I couldn't see out the back window of my car, and the low fuel light was on, so, quick stop at the gas station for some fuel and a much needed car wash. Living in a construction zone will do that.

By 9:05 we were on the highway, and traffic wasn't as bad as I expected. We made it to the Dr's by 10:10am, perfect timing. I would have actually been there sooner, but I missed the exit from express so I had to go an extra 4km down the highway before I could turn around.

Oliver decided that he was going to pull a repeat of Monday (meaning be super fussy at random intervals for no reason) and through multiple fits while in the waiting room. My best guess is that they were triggered by the picture of the farari on the wall...every time he would look at it, he would just start screaming.

So, into the office, where are usual I had no questions or complaints (my son is perfect, didn't you know, screaming and all). Next it was time for his second dose of the roto virus...not nearly as bad as last time (Oliver didn't revert to that dinosaour that spits this time), but there were still lots of tears. Actually enough of a fit that Sam thought something else was wrong and did a full check-up (ears, nose, throat), but he's perfectly healthy.

Now it was time to eat again though, or past time to eat, so we started in the office, and headed out to the car to finish. Nana met us at the office for the visit, I forgot to mention that before.

From there we headed home, we were going to pop in to visit Daddy but he had a tender closing, and it was probably better that we didn't.

Once home I gave Great Gulf Tim a call to see if an electrition could test our dryer outlet. Monday night Tim brough over their washer and dryer for us, but the dryer didn't work. My first guess was that it was an electrical problem, especially considering all the problems that we had in the kitchen. Sure enough, that's what it was. Something in the basement was mislabeled, but they got it working.

I should mention that I was REALLY happy that they got it working because about 30 minutes before they arrived to fix it Oliver had a MAJOR blow out. I mean major! He was in his jumperoo for a while, when all of the suudden I heard that tell tale bbbbrrrruuuuuuppppppppppfffffff. Crap. Literally.

So, I went and pulled him out, only to see that the back of the seat had a think coating down the back of it. Which ment it was through the diaper, onsie AND track pants. Dear lord. There was no neat way to tackel this, so his chang pad mad and cover both found themselves in a tub full of water along with the clothes.

So, the washer and dryer ran non stop for the rest of the night.

Bo came home from work about 5:30, and I convinced him to park in the garage because we're supposed to get our first big snow storm tomorrow. We had a pretty basic dinner of meatloaf, brocoli and baked potatoes, but it tasted great. There was nothing on tv to watch, and Oliver was a little out of sorts (he didn't eat well today) and fell asleep early at 8:30, so we headed to bed too.

Bo needed to have a bath first though. He can not wait for us to have a shower up and running!

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