Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday December 14, 2009

Today was a bit on the busy and hectic side.

After Oliver's first feeding he played for a bit and then napped. While he did that I got everything ready for us to go out later, and did the menu for the week. After his second feeding we loaded into the car and headed to loblaws, where Oliver decided he didn't want to be in the car seat. He proceeded to scream the entire time we were there, only stoping when I was willing to take him out.

It is insanely hard to hold a baby while pushing a grocery cart, grabbing stuff of the shelves, and checking it off the list. The next fantastic moment was when he decided to take a giant poop as we were heading to the check-out, meaning that even holding him wouldn't stop the screaming (lucky us that now Oliver hates having a wet or dirty diaper, lol, hopefully this will make training easier!). So, after every third item being scanned through, I would run to the back of the cart and wag sophie in front of him, in hopes of placating him, to no avail.

Once we finished checking out it was off to the washrrom, where he still kept screaming, only stopping to watch other women wash their hands. It was all just so exhausting! A first for me today? Going pee in a public washroom while holding Oliver (still screaming). It was just nuts.

From there we headed home, Oliver slept in the car and was absolutly perfect for the rest of the day. I guess he djust didn't feel like going grocery shopping today.

We had one more trip to make though. When Bo got home we headed back to Newmarket and to the Gap. I got a coupon good only today and tomorrow for 30% off the entire purchase. Oliver still needed a winter jacket, so that was the main purchase, but we ended up buying Christmas gifts for everyone (Nana, Papa, Mom, Tim and Jenny), and we got everything, along with Oliver's coat, for $150 tax in, leaving us $100 for Jakes, Jenny's and Bens!

Once back home I cooked pasta with a meat sauce and garlic bread while Bo fed Oliver, then we ate, watched a could Christmas episodes (Two and a half Men and The Big Bang Theory), then we put Oliver to bed, I had a bath, Bo had a bath, and we finally fell asleep around 11. Way too late considering how tired I was.

I almost forgot, Bo got a call from Appliance Canada and a new fridge is being delivered tomorrow, THANK GOD! It only took three damn weeks, but at least we're getting a new one!

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