Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a good night

Last night, well, it was just a good night. I'm not sure how else to put it.

On the ride home I asked Bo if we could order a pizza for dinner tonight, and he was up for it, so it meant I just had to worry about cooking for Oliver. Sweet :)

When we first got home we just played together for a few minutes. I got my fill of hugs, well, that's a lie. I never get my fill of hugs from him, but I got a whole bunch. He was in a good mood, though I thought a little tired, and blissfully happy to play with himself for a while. There was a lot of atv riding, mostly in a circle in reverse, but he was having fun so who cares!

While Oliver played I made him some chicken fingers for dinner with cauliflower on the side. You can't go wrong. While the chicken was cooking I made three loafs of banana bread too, one for breakfast tomorrow for him and two to freeze.

He ate really well for me today, about 1/3 of a cup of the cauliflower and one whole chicken finger. I was so happy that it actually ate, and ate well. By the time he was finished eating (and getting some very long blinks) it was 6:30 so I took got a fresh bottle and took him upstairs to get into his pajamas. Bo got home about five minutes after we sat on the couch, perfect timing!

We ate pizza in front of the tv (Oliver had a bit of that too, yeah!), watching Glee and actually got into bed before 9:30 (thank you for falling asleep early tonight kiddo!).

Tomorrow Mom's picking him up from daycare to spend a couple of days at our house watching him. Tomorrow's also garbage day though. Crap.

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