Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cookie Monster, I Mean Taster

Oct. 9, 2010

For Thanksgiving (up hear in Canada we're backwards, we have Thanksgiving before Halloween even gets here) I had all kinds of grand plans. For dinner with my family I was going to make cheesecake and pie and sweet potato casserole. You know what I didn't make: cheesecake and pie and sweet potato casserole. Ok, I did scrape together the casserole, but I was sick (wait, didn't you hear me complaining in the last post, laryngitis AND bronchitis. gross.).

The casserole, it was fantastic. In fact, it's now a family tradition, I can't not make it for Christmas or Thanksgiving because if it's not in my hands I don't get in the door. Well, except for Christmas this year, because for the first time it's at my house, so I can do whatever I damn well please. Sorry, I'm getting side tracked,  I'll get that recipe up for you soon though.

For dinner with the other side (Bo's family), I wanted to make cookies, and while I didn't really feel up to it, I had spent $25 on cookie cutters and icing tools last week so I didn't really have a choice.

You want to know what I did have though? A willing cookie taster. He only wanted the ones with red icing, and only the mini cookies. After one taste he was sold though, and in a very, very good mood!

Hey Mom...can I have another one? I love you

No Mom, I'm not going to smile for your camera just because you gave me another cookie.

Seriously, you're not going to leave me alone unless I smile. 

Fine....but this was a mini cookie, so you only get a mini smile.

Are you serious...there are MORE cookies?!?

Hey Mom...I love you

I'm hurt, I can't believe you think I said that just to get another cookie. he he.

HA HA HA. Ok, yes I did, but I still love you.


Wait, what? There aren't any more cookies

Ahh, you got me again. You're such a joker Mom. Now give me another cookie.

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