Monday, October 4, 2010

Mom's Cottage

Sept. 4 - 6, 2010

This weekend we packed up most of our house and headed up to Mom's cottage for the long weekend. Now, this was a month ago (to the day, look at that), so I'll let the pictures do the talking and interject if I so see fit.

I guess first I should say that for the ride up Bo and I split a pizza (Oliver slept the entire way and ate dinner when we got there). You see, a brand spankin' new Domino's pizza opened up in Bradford just a couple of weeks ago, and we'd had a hankering to try it. It was blissful, just fantastic. Seriously, one of the best pizzas we'd had in a long time. I'm sure it helped that we were both starving, and it was no Papa D's (RIP - I'll explain another day), but it was so, so good.

The drive wasn't too bad either. Considering the directions consisted of a two plus hour drive full of lefts and not many rights that seemed to take us further and further away from our final destination, it actually wasn't that bad. I was pretty full off of the pizza though, ok so really I was just too damn indecisive, and missed out on a chip truck stop on the way up. I learned my lesson on the way home though. That was a delicious stop too. There's nothing quite like a poutine and strawberry shake to make a long drive go by faster. No, I'm not pregnant, I just happen to like poutine and strawberry shakes. And I've got an iron stomach so I can mix pretty much anything together. Except booze and karaoke, that's just never a good match.

Anyway, on to the photos!

Our first morning there Daddy actually read a book with Oliver. This is up there with Big Foot and Nessie sightings.

Sorry ladies, I put a ring on it, find  your own.

Grandma...I know you're making breakfast, but how long until lunch?

Guess what's in my mouth?

See food! Get it...seafood...SEE food

A little nap before dinner, such and angel.

Birthday cake time for Mommy and Daddy, and thus ends our birthday month celebration.

Look Ma, no hands!

I'm a little concerned about how proud Oliver is. Of himself. All. The. Time.

An indulgence if you please. I'm trying to take better photos, so here's my first go at it out and about around Mom's cottage.

And back to our regular scheduled programing.

This child is such a ham, and I love bacon so we're a good match.

A quick nap before going fishing.

And here are Mommy, Daddy and Oliver taking shelter under a lean-to by the water. Because it's raining. And we were too lazy to make the 20 second walk back up to the cottage.

Excuse me Oliver, but when we're by the water we need to actually wear our life jacket.

Thats better.

Oliver's first fishing rod. Don't worry, we didn't actually let him use it, I've got to save something for next year.

Um, Dad. I think the bobber is bobbing.

Huh, so this is a fish.

It's kinda cool I guess.

OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED! The fish wiggled off the hook, that's what happened, and it either A - Scared the crap out of Oliver or B - Really pissed Oliver off because he wasn't done touching it yet. We're going with B. We like to think that Oliver wasn't scared by the fish.

My toes, because you were dying to see them.

Oliver's first kayak ride! He took a few trips (totally not necessitated by Bo or I getting the line stuck on a rock or a stump, preposterous).

My heart. It's his.

I had to include this because I'm in love with this shirt, and his socks look so grown up. I need to get home and hug this kid. Only 4½ hours to go.

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