Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leaf's Game!

Sept 21, 2010

Today was just a fantastic day, Oliver's first trip to a Maple Leaf's game (thank you Coke Zero and Toronto Star!). I won tons and tons of tickets, enough to send the following people to a fun, free night out:

Me, Bo and Oliver
Nana and Papa
Mom and Rosie
Tim, Jenny, Jake and his friend Mike (I think)
Jen, Alex and two of their friends
Adam and Meredith
Daniel and his friend
Online strangers (a lady got tickets so her brother could take their sick mom, she loves the leafs!)
Online local strangers (a guy wanted to go with his wife and little girl before the second baby (due Dec.) arrives

When we first got there we met up with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Alex. That Jenny, she's always thinking, she grabbed my camera and took one of (very) few family shots.

And she snagged one of my boy and I too.

Our awesome seats got even awesomer (lots of words weren't words before then ended up in Websters, deal with it). A giant flag went right over the top of us during the anthem. Oliver was absolutely fascinated.

He even got to touch it.

Then it was game time. We were lucky for a bit in the beginning because our neighbours were late so Oliver had run of part of the isle. Really we were lucky all night, because when everyone did show up they were FANTASTIC! Everyone around us played with Oliver, kept him laughing, and didn't even get upset when he hit them with his giant noise maker.Who, my kid? Never would I let him swing that around on his own, lol.

Case in point - here he is playing with the nice lady behind us (one of his girlfriends for the night)

 Seeing if the Leaf's play any better from a different angle (they were not at their finest yet) 
Standing on Daddy for a better view of the fights. Yeah, he's all boy.

Lucky me, I got some cuddle time.

Apparently "cuddle time" was the wrong phase, he's got girlfriends for the night remember.

I ALWAYS do this. We're at a sports game, 15? 16? rows up from the ice, and I watch the game on the jumbotron. I'm such a moron.

See, we had great seats. Smack.
Goofing with Daddy

Oliver was still getting his molars in here, and Daddy had leather ties on his sweater, there was just no stopping this.

Looks like Oliver watches the jumbotron too.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Sorry, I've got to run home now and throw my arms around my boys. This is too much.

Now, his head MAY be in the 90th percentile, but he just doesn't quite fit into Daddy's hats yet.

Again, I'm melting. My heart that is.

Hi Sweetheart. Mommy's almost done shoving a camera in your face. Tonight.

We're doing the wave. Oliver LOVED doing the way, and I got to work out my biceps. Win-win in my books.

Well who's this? Uncle Adam and Meredith. Oliver would be completely confused at seeing so many familiar people in such a strange new place, except he's the most laid back kid ever.

Best seat in the house right there.

The game's finally over and it's time for the looooong drive home (especially on a work night, blah). My two sleepy, sleepy boys.

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