Friday, October 22, 2010

But I can't wait, for Saturday Mor-or....or-or-or-OR-ning

Sept 25, 2010

Saturday morning is my morning to get up with Oliver so Bo gets a few extra hours of sleep. Sunday is my day to sleep in, but I usually find the laughter too alluring and get up early any way. I've really got to stop doing that.

Any way.

You know that song, blah blah blah Saturday night, but I can't wait, till Sunday morning, Sunday mor-or...or-or-or-OR-ning. Ok, now that it's in your head (or now that you're shaking your head because you have no idea what I'm talking about), the point is, I sing like that about my Saturday mornings. Because they're fantastic. Seriously.

Unless I'm sick, then not so much.

This week though, not sick, so totally fantastic.

I mean, how can you resist a child like this. If he wasn't mine I would steal him and feed him cookies.

This is Oliver doing something he's not allowed to do, he's playing on the keyboard for the mac mini (the unused, collecting dust, seriously under utilized mac mini. I should really do something about this).

Look at that, I better view. What Mom, I'm not supposed to do this?

But look Mommy, I can do it on one leg! Aren't you PROUD of me.

Ok Mom, I'll leave your keyboard alone. But your mouse, it's mine now.

Oliver, can you please bring that to Mommy?

My boy, he's a sucker for good manners.

Kind of. You know what he's REALLY a sucker for though? Trucks. And we just happen to have a giant picture window in our second story family room that looks out onto an unfortunately busy street in a construction zone. To Oliver, this is like living in the North Pole.

After the first truck of the morning goes by he waits, watching for the rest of the herd. 

Sorry, I've watched way to many of those National Geographic shows. 

Ok, this is getting embarrassing. Drooling with anticipation, really Oliver?

Alright, he's given up on trucks (construction around us is starting to slow down but I can't find it in my heart to break it to him)

Oliver likes to give me a bit of attitude some times too. He doesn't have to say anything, you can read exactly what he's thinking in his eyes. You may not speak Oliver's eyes though so I'll translate for you: Mom, that's just about enough of the camera today.

Did you know that you can put your soother in your mount and your finger in your nose at the same time? I sure didn't.

Hey Mom...

Do you remember what I said?

No? Here, I'll show you...

Enough with the pictures.

Time for a drink, Oliver's showing off that he can squat and then stand back up. Ok, so maybe he's not showing it off, but this is a fairly new trick and I want to show it off.

Woo hoo! Flawless!

Ok. so he's a little proud of himself too. 

Again, how am I supposed to resist this kid.

Uh oh (This is Oliver's uh oh face, he holds onto the "oh" for at least three seconds. I love it.

He's looking a little confused here...

Then I suggested we take a nap, and he looked REALLY confused.

Eventually he went along with it though.

It was a short lived nap though, and because of my trickery (he couldn't resist Baby Beluga while drawing on his forehead, I'm filing that away for future use) he decided to get back at me. Oliver, don't you turn the volume up, OR change the input. He doesn't listen though. In fact, Oliver's so good at doing this that he can actually stare at me while he turns the dial. And I laugh. Every time. Just add it to this list of things I do wrong as a parent. Did you right it Ok?Good, now through the list away because I don't care.

Daddy's up now, so it's time to act all cute and goofy. He misses his Daddy. didn't you know.

What is it about boys? How is nearly being stepped on funny. I'll never understand this sort of thing.

But as long as Oliver looks this happy...

And this content...

Well frankly, I'm ok with it.

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