Friday, July 30, 2010

A least exciting day

This will probably be the shortest, most boring blog post ever. I'm totally ok with this.

The morning went off exactly like every other morning; I didn't get to see Oliver again, I haven't seen him once this week and it's really starting to suck. Bo dropped him off at daycare and I headed off to work with hopes that we'd have grass in the back yard when I got home.

Work was nice and easy today, I didn't have a lot of work to do and was in a meeting at 10, which turned into a work lunch at 12:30, so really I didn't look at anything until 2. I headed out the door at 4 at usual and picked Oliver up at 5:15.

When I got there Kris told me that Oliver had just started to act a little fussy, and that she figured he was getting hungry but she didn't want to give him a bottle and ruin his dinner. Perfect! Bo had a meeting at 3 in London tonight so he was going to be late anyway. I totally cheated tonight though. I was just exhausted feeling, so Oliver and I stopped at Sobey's and picked up half a chicken for his dinner (ok, so I helped a little bit). He sat in his chair in the office and ate with me while I talked to Jen (her and Alex got back from Europe on Monday!) and emailed her the photography tutorial that I found.

Oliver started to get really fussy because he was tired, so I cleaned him up and then we headed upstairs so that he could eat his bottle and relax. He was asleep in seconds, and I mean REALLY asleep. Bo called at 6:00 to say that he was just leaving, then he let me go so that I could take a nap with Oliver (I was exhausted too). I slept until Bo was 20 minutes from home and he called so that I could order us a pizza for dinner (we were supposed to have turkey parm but I was just too tired after a week of getting ready for the appraiser, Hank, to come on Friday). Between ordering the pizza and Bo getting home with it I did tidy up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, fold the laundry, organize the towels and organize our bedroom.

We ate dinner fairly quickly, and while Oliver briefly woke up to have a few bites of Daddy's pizza and a couple swigs of milk, it wasn't long before Bo was getting him in his pj's and into the crib. I quickly fluffed up the couch and tided up Oliver's toys, and then it was off to bed for both of us. All day I felt like it was Friday, so I'm a little concerned about how tomorrow will go.

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