Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The countdown begins

So it's another Monday, and to make it better I figured I would start a countdown in my head. A countdown to 1 - the long weekend coming up NEXT WEEKEND and 2 - My birthday next Wednesday. Yeah.

Oliver and Bo each got to sleep in today because Bo had a meeting at 10 or something so he didn't drop Oliver off until 8:30. Our little guy was apparently very happy to be back at Kris's and was full of smiles as soon as he saw her house. My day wasn't quite so good. We have a presentation tomorrow to a home builder and of course I left everything to do today (who wants to bog down a Friday with that, right?)

I spent the entire day designing signs, double checking info, printing and setting up for a presentation (that thankfully) I didn't have to be a part of. I do honestly love being able to do all the fun graphic stuff without having to be an actual part of the presentation. Fun fact: I am a ridiculously nervous person. I was on anxiety medicine before we had Oliver, but I've refused medicine since then, just trying to deal with life on my own, and so far I've been ok. Well, I had a pretty rough patch in the weeks leading up to coming back to work, but I managed. Anyway, my nerves are so severe that I will actually start stuttering, not exactly great for presentations.

Back to the day...

Bo's meeting was a few hours long, and a few hours away, so he got to just go home after and picked Oliver up at 4. What a nice short day for the kid! My afternoon wasn't too bad either though, I had everything done by 3 and just took it easy for the last hour. Traffic was even pretty good for me, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. I arrived home at 5 to find my two guys upstairs on the couch watching tv. I spent a few minutes with my boy, then headed downstairs to start cooking dinner. Tonight we had terriayki chicken breasts with broccoli and roasted potatoes. I also made the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you'll ever have. Seriously, they're ridiculous!

Oliver threw an absolute fit tonight though, it had both Bo and I completely freaking out because we couldn't figure out what was wrong, he just kept crying, screaming really. He didn't want a bottle, didn't want to be held, didn't want to be on the floor and play. Eventually Bo got him calmed down by laying on the floor with him and just rubbing his back. Of course, this was all happening once dinner was on the table, lol, Murphy's law.

We finally got Oliver into his high chair and OH MY GOD, he ate, a lot. Especially the broccoli, my kid loves vegetables! He hadn't been eating his dinner well with us for the last couple of weeks, but he eats great for everyone else, it's so aggravating, but there was nothing we could do. On Sunday (with the leftover Buffalo Chicken Bites) we realized that he just wasn't liking the plain food that I had been making thinking it was better for him. Now I've started kicking up the flavour of things and he seems to love it. I'm far to cautious when it comes to Oliver, I need to remember that he's got my DNA in him, and that he'll hopefully like every type of food out there!

After dinner (and after I dropped the baskets of unfolded laundry off in our bedroom), we all retired up to the family room. Bo put the tv on while I read some books to Oliver. Tonight's readings included Scaredy Squirrel (fantastic and hilarious), That's When I'm Happy, Olivia, I Love You Little One, Wild Thing and My Go To Bed Book. I tried just three books, but every time I stopped reading Oliver would start to cry, so I'd grab another book. There are many worse things that Oliver could want, so I think I'll try to encourage this reading thing as much as possible.

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