Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor sick baby.

After a fairly crappy nights sleep (I was worried about my boy and tossed and turned all night), I got up at 6 and jumped in the bath to shower for work. Such a confusing sentence. (explanation: We haven't tiled our master shower yet, or finished any shower in the house for that matter, so to "shower" we have to have a bath and used the hand shower. It's pretty annoying).

Oliver woke up as I was finished up drying my hair, so I went in to get him and sure enough he was on fire. I knew that this was going to happen last night, just a gut feeling. So, I gave him some Tylenol and brought him into our room to call work and say I wasn't coming in today (something everyone looks forward to doing their second week back after being off for a year). Oh, and why did I have to go to our room to call? That's because our phone / internet lines went down  yesterday, and still aren't back up, so I needed to use Bo's cell to make the calls.

Oliver and I just relaxed in the morning, with me trying to force feed him liquids while he tried to escape from his chair to play.I caved, we played. At nine I called and made an appointment for Oliver to see Sam at 11:30, and it was about that time that Oliver fell asleep for a nap. He napped, I  realized the phones were working and spent the next hour getting the computer reconfigured (not my forte, SO frustrating!). I also gave my mom a shout, she wanted to see Oliver one night after work, and we were trying to figure out how that would work with daycare, so I called to let her know that I was home today. She's heading up at 3.

At 10:20 I woke up Oliver, got him ready, and we headed out for the doctors. Guess what, he's actually quite sick. The little bugger doesn't complain at all, doesn't show any outward signs of being in pain. Nothing. It was on a whim that I mentioned at the last second to Sam "I wonder if he has an ear infection, when I take his temperature, he always grabs his ear and tries to turn away". I hadn't noticed this over the last 5 days, it occurred to me literally as we were pulling into the office's parking lot.

Sure enough, Sam checked his ears and he has not one but two severe ear infections. The poor kid. Sam said that usually they suggest to decrease the duration of medicine, but because it's severe and in both ears he's gotta taken medicine morning and night for the next ten days. Here's hoping he's good with his medicine!

After that I called Bo to see if we could come and meet him for lunch, but he was getting ready to head to London so that was a no go. Oliver and I headed home to try and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. At least as much as possible. I did have to make a quick stop at Shoppers to get his medicine first, and because pizza pizza was right next door I found it quite hard to resist.

We got home and played for a bit, and Oliver took another good nap, waking up just before my mom arrived. Once she was there I was able to take an hour to get the garbage ready and out (I hate Wednesdays), and then started dinner. We had baked cheese capaletti and zucchini, because it was going to go bad if I didn't use it soon. The capaletti was just store bought pasta and sauce, but the zucchini I was finally able to perfect. I'll through the directions up next, it was that good.

After dinner Mom and I took Oliver to the park. I figure even if you're sick, you should still get to do the things you love (so long as they don't make you worse). Oliver wasn't himself, which was to be expected, but he did still enjoy the swings, and walking around for a little bit.

After the park Mom headed home because her call was going to start soon, and I got Oliver ready for bed and his last bottle. Oh yeah, I gave him his medicine too and he was a total trouper, no issue at all! He downed the bottle and then passed out.

Bo didn't get home from London until just after 10, so brutal. I heated up his dinner while he put Oliver to bed, then sat with him while he ate. He had to run on the computer after dinner though, and I was exhausted, so I left him on his own and headed to bed.

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