Thursday, July 15, 2010

I hate Wednesday's

fOh lawd, do I ever hate Wednesday's!

I used to love them too. When I was in college, I had Wednesday's off (not because of too much work to catch up on, more likely because they couldn't come up with any more ridiculous advertising / design courses to fill the time). Anyway, my body was totally conditioned to working 2 days, off 1, working two, off two. THAT was the life. Then, 5 years ago, reality settled in and I worked 5 days. No problem really, Wed. was never my bad day, Thursday always was. It was SO close to the end of the week, just not quite there.

Now though. Now Wednesday night is the night to gather the garbage. This takes an entire HOUR...we'll get to that later though...on to the day.

Lucky me, I got to wake up and rush into the "bawer" again (bath-shower, ugh). I didn't mind this so much on mat leave, but I guess that was because I could take my time. Now though, this totally blows. I got to see my boy in the morning again, getting him changed (which was a RIDICULOUS struggle this morning, that child just wanted to be naked today!), and brushing his teeth. After that he was handed off to Bo and I was off to work.

Work started getting busy for me today. Yeah. It was two o'clock before I even got out to grab lunch. I ran to Loblaws because Bo needed deodorant and Oliver needed a big boy toothbrush (no more finger brush, no more finger getting bitten while in said finger brush). Oh the way out I grabbed the lunch special, 3 chicken fingers and a side of wedges. Yum. I also added some scalloped potatoes!!! I haven't had those in forever and they were fantastic! Oh yeah, they also had a really spicy Thai dipping sauce available. Yum yum! So, I get back to the office, just get my lunch uncovered, and the fire alarm goes off (test). Arugh. Well, I wasn't going to let it go cold, so I balanced it quite skillfully in my left hand, and devoured it with my right. Much to the amusement of the entire office. Why I set my self up for this ridicule, I'll never understand.

Traffic was a joke today on the way home. Problems on the 401, so I got off ahead of them at the 427. Problems there so I took 409 back to 410 (and actually found a bit of a short cut doing that, yeah!), then big problems on the 400 so I got off at Teston and took Jane up to Aurora side road. Thankfully, all this fuckery only made me 10 minutes late picking up Oliver. I did leave work 5 minutes late today though, so now I figure that was karma. I'll never leave late again.

On the way home we stopped at the park for 10 minutes so that Oliver could go on the swing. I SO miss taking him to the park every day. I know, I miss about a million things that we used to do on a daily basis, but this ranks close to the top. Right under taking a nap at the same time. Lord I'm tired; but I digress. After that it was home to play for an hour. Oliver decided that today was the day he was going to climb up the back of his castle, and it did it on the first shot. We played with his trucks and blocks too, and he seemed strangely interested in his jumper, which he hadn't been for a while. I may have to put him in it tomorrow night before he completely out grows it. While he fooled around in the downstairs family room, I prepped dinner for tomorrow, making a marinade for a pork tenderloin (tomorrow's dinner is teriayki pork tenderloin with mini roast potatoes, cauliflower, and apple crisp for dessert). After all that playing it was time for a bottle, and I was FINALLY able to read Scaredy Squirrel to him. I am absolutely in love with this book, it's just so cute and funny! Oliver wasn't up for a nap today though. After reading his new book, with played with his new flash cards (for the first time when I help up a picture of a cat and dog, then asked him which one was the cat, he looked at it for a second, then gently put his index finger on the cat. Awesome!).

Daddy got home just has Oliver was hitting the floor to play with his Little People, so it was time for me to get dinner going. I still feel like crap, so I'm really glad to have this super easy dinner planned; I made what Bo calls Mexican lasagna. It's just that stupid box that has tortillas, cheese sauce and meat seasoning, so I just had to brown some meat, layer it with the tortillas, top with the cheese sauce, and bake. While that was browning / baking I did the litter box and gathered all the garbage and recycling. This takes SO long because of all the sorting. Our 1 bag limit is completely full with Oliver's diapers, 1 bag from the kitchen and the litter box. So yeah, it's mostly from the diapers, lol. Picking through all the garbage's in the house to sort paper recycling, plastic recycling, compost / green bin and garbage just sucks so, so much. Bo was great though, while I was doing this he go the table ready for dinner, cleaned up the front hall, and tidied up what he could in the kitchen. Big help!

Before we could eat though, I had to get Oliver's laundry going, and I wanted to tidy the upstairs family room because it was a war zone again with plastic casualties strewn across the coloured mat battlefield. I fear that Oliver gets overwhelmed sometimes at the mess he's created, lol

I almost forgot!!! Before Bo got home when we were playing downstairs, Oliver climbed up my leg wanting to walk. He grabbed my hands, walked over to his ball pit, let go and literally dove in head first. Like, arms in the air, full on dive, lol! I was on the phone with Bo while this was happening, and through my laughter all I could hear was Bo say Bazinga. Perfect.

Ok, so once everything was tidy we finally sat down for dinner. The last time I made this I loved it, but this time I just wanted feeling good and didn't want it. Oliver had a couple bites, but didn't seem like a fan, so I made him his very first peanut butter and jam (grape jelly) sandwich. He LOVED it, so much! After the first bite he just got this ridiculous smile on his face and kept taking full bites of it (another first, usually he just gums stuff to death, even though it has 8 teeth). After dinner we (Bo and I) tidied up the kitchen, then headed upstairs to relax, finally, at 8:45. I should point out that while tiding up, Bo made me some neo-citron to try and help with the cold. He's so good! I added a can of coke and 3 pieces of baklava to the mix.

We watched tv for an hour, then Bo put Oliver to bed while I folded his laundry. By the time I crawled under the covers the neo-citron was taking effect and I couldn't keep my eyes open to read even a paragraph. A nice change, though I hated falling asleep while Bo was still in the bath.

Only two more days until the weekend and I have my boy 24/7 again :)

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