Monday, July 19, 2010

Visiting, and the start of an "Oh crap" weekend

So, Aunt Mary, Uncle Peter, and Baki are back from Croatia, and they demanded a visit from Oliver this weekend. Ok, fair enough. I got up with Oliver, and we had a pretty productive morning. I made him french toast for breakfast then parked his stroller in front of the back walkout, because the guys were out back bright and early this morning grading our lawn. Bo had told me about how he had spent some time with Oliver back there on Friday afternoon, and how Oliver loved it. This morning was no different. Oliver sat there chirping, pointing and waving at the guys (especially the one on the bigger machine), and he seemed to have won them over, getting lots of smiles and waves back. While Oliver was occupied, I was finally able to organize my main pantry. YES! It is absolutely fantastic now, and if I can only get Bo to put things back where they belong, we'll be laughing.

Bo was able to sleep in until 10 when his aunt called and woke him up. The original plan was that Mary was going to go and pick Baki and Miles up and bring them over to her house, but she had to bring her car to Honda and it needed to stay for a while, so that was out. She didn't want Miles in Jenny's car (fair, we didn't want him in our new car either), so instead we would just go to both houses. We left our place around noon and headed to Baki's first. Bo was ecstatic because she had lunch ready for us (chicken wings, beans (gross, whatever kind they were), and corn with some cut up cucumbers and tomato slices and bread, and apple pie for dessert.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, not really doing anything, just letting Baki play with Oliver. Oliver was a little weird at first, not wanting to leave Bo's arms, which is out of character but we didn't really think that much of it, he got over it in a few minutes. The one ridiculous thing he learned was how to walk from inside the condo, to our on the balcony, and he LOVED it for some reason. He would walk across the balcony, turn around, come back inside, taking one step through the door, then turning around to got right back out and do it again. It was hysterical because he did this non-stop for almost 30 minutes. He also crawled under their side table at one point, but he didn't fit under it and got stuck and started crying, making us laugh. We're terrible parents.

Around 3 we left for Mary and Peter's, but Peter was at work. Mary spent the first hour playing with Oliver and taking him outside, but then he started getting pretty fussy. We couldn't really figure out what was wrong, chalking it up to teething (the drool is out of control), and being tired. He just kept getting worse though, and then he started getting warm. Really warm. Not good. We quickly ate dinner around 6 (some sort of chicken stew over pasta, tomato cucumber salad and bread, with apple pie for dessert, lol), then packed up to head out because Oliver wasn't getting any better, and now didn't want to eat any dinner. Just as we were strapping him into his car seat Peter pulled into the drive-way, so out he came again, but only for 10 minutes and a quick visit.

We got home around eight and finally took Oliver's temperature, a whopping 101.6. It's his first fever, and we were both a wreck. All the books show it as textbook teething, but we were still concerned because he'd been fighting that cold all week.

Our poor little guy.

He ate a little bit more for us, but not too much, basically spending the rest of the night in his bouncer until bed.

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