Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me

Ok, so the post title sounds like I've done something horrible, but I haven't, we just saw that movie tonight. We'll get there though.

TGIF was certainly true this week, and I'm not even really sure why. Maybe because of Oliver being sick, maybe I'm still struggling to adjust to working every day, maybe it's a combination of it all. Anyway, TGIF. I woke up and had my bath, then headed off to work (seeing Oliver before I left, yeah!). Work was ok, busy enough to make the day go by quickly, but not so busy that I was losing my mind. Because I knew Bo was picking Oliver up, I figured I would try taking 27 home. It was a nice and relaxing drive, but it wasn't really any faster (actually a bit longer; I got home at 5:15). But it was relaxing for a change. A nice change. That bloody highway traffic is enough to give anyone a coronary, never mind a home sick Momma in a rush to pick up her boy.

I got home to find my two guys sitting upstairs on the couch, watching tv (well, Oliver looked like he was close to a nap, but he woke up to play with me for a few minutes). We started talking about dinner, or what we felt like doing, and my husband actually offered up the drive-in. This never happens, but he was itching to see Despicable me, and I'm never one to turn down the drive-in!

I made Oliver some scrambled eggs for dinner (though he'd been eating snacks with Dad since they got home), and we headed to the drive-in. Well, really we headed to pizza hut to grab a large pan pizza with peperoni and bacon, then we went to the drive in.

Guess what I learned. Oliver hates scrambled eggs. HATES them. Like, as soon as I could sneak some in his mouth, we would grab it out and once I didn't "listen" to him the first time, he started throwing them out of his chair (I was feeding him on the way to Pizza Hut. I gave him his bottle instead, and he drank some then took a nap for the rest of the drive. I should mention here that the pizza, it was fantastic!

Oliver woke up when we got to the drive-in and proceeded to win over every single person who walked by to get popcorn, or who parked close enough that he could see them. He leaned out of Bo's window, chirping and talking, smiling and laughing to literally everyone who walked by. He especially liked one little girl, maybe around 5. The problem with her though was that he got shy. He didn't start talking until after she had walked past the car, and then he started waving like crazy. We felt so bad for the poor boy, not even 13 months old and he already has a story about the one who got away.

One bonus, Oliver enjoyed some of the pizza. I know, it's not healthy, but at least he got something besides crackers into that little belly of his.

The movie was fantastic, so so funny. Bo has already let me know that it will be a blue ray purchase (he's ridiculous). Oliver passed out about 15 minutes into it, which was a nice change for us as usually he fights with us to play with parts of the car through the entire movie. We got home around 12 and we were in bed by 1 (I'm not really sure what took us so darn long).

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