Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What day is it again?

Well, we (Bo and I) totally screwed up our internal clocks yesterday by going grocery shopping. You see, I am usually a creature of habit, to a fault, and Sunday is usually grocery day, so I was totally screwed up. Plus, you throw in that Bo got up yesterday with Oliver, and I got up today. Basically, we were screwed.

My perfect son slept in until 7:30 this morning, good buy! However, I woke up at 6:30 expecting him to get up any minute, so I wasted a potential extra hour of sleep looking at gossip on the computer. I fail. Once awake it was time for our typical Mommy and Oliver weekend morning. This starts with a bottle while Oliver watches me make some pancakes for breakfast. This week I made cinnamon banana pancakes with a hit of chocolate chips. Yummy. Oliver devoured his pancakes like the growing boy he is (with a smile on his face the entire time!).

After the pancakes it was time for our favourite activity of the weekend: painting! I picked up a bunch of canvas's at Wal-mart last weekend; they had a three pack of varying sizes for $3.47, a steal to me. I also grabbed a bunch of crayola paints while I was there, both standard and finger paints. Today we were going to use the finger paints. Because I like things to look nice (who doesn't), I've also limited his creativity to a degree by limiting his colour choices (I learned that lesson with his last painting). I'm not completely evil though, once he can ask for colours I'll open the options back up again. Today I decided on blue with a splash of red at the end. Spontaneous, how fun! lol

As you can see, he had a blast as usual, but while his technique seems to be improving, his ability to keep the paint off of his face is not. Oh, and no judging about him shoving his fingers in his mouth. I already had the camera at my eye taking pictures, so it's not like I grabbed it once the fingers were already in his mouth. I got enough crap from Bo for this picture any way.

After painting it was time for a bath and then a second bottle, after which he instantly passed out. Bo had me wake him up at 10, he didn't want to sleep too late and then not be able to fall asleep tonight. We spent a bit of time watching tv and then playing with Oliver when he woke up. Around 11:30 Bo said that he wanted to bring Oliver to my mom's and go see another movie. I don't know what got into him with movies this weekend, or where he's finding all this money, but I don't complain when popcorn is dangled in front of me. I gave my mom a shout at work (she was there until 4:00), to see if she would mind watching him, which of course she wouldn't. Our aim was to be there for 4:30, around the same time that she would get home.

I also started getting quite tired around 12:30 and was going to go take a nap in bed, but then Bo made me feel guilty about not spending time with the family, so I brought my blanket and eye mask to the couch. That counts right? Anyway, I napped off and on for the next two hours (which was fantastic), while Bo watched Election on tv and Oliver played with his toys. At 2:30 I jumped in the bath then got ready to head out.

I threw on my corset bra under my ridiculously cute purple dun dress with the tiny pink and grey flowers, with a grey cardigan, and unleashed the girls onto the world. Except at my mom's, there I did the cardigan up, I didn't need the hootchie comments (hater, lol). We got to my mom's right at 4:30, and she arrived about 5 minutes later, running a little late from work. We just kinda dropped Oliver off and ran to catch the 5:10 showing of Salt. The movie was ok. I didn't love it, but I liked it (there wasn't any hate). I think Bo was the same.

While we were gone Oliver spent about an hour at the park with grandma, enjoying the swing and slides. Sven got upset because there weren't any toys at there house for Oliver to play with, so he decided to take a trip to Toys r Us for him (hilarious), and came home with one of those plastic cash registers we all had as a kid, a hammer peg toy, and the piece de resistance, a mini ATV (not motorized), with buttons to push for the horn, ignition, engine and a song. Oliver went ape shit over that ATV, he kept climbing on and off, on and off, then he would just stand beside it pushing the buttons and dancing. It was so cute! My mom also talked with one of the neighbours on her walk back from the park, and the nice lady brought over a bunch of toys that her grand kids played with when they were little (an antique puppet, peg puzzle, train set and some antique metal toys cars, SO cool!).

While Mom and Sven played with Oliver, Bo and I ate some dinner (chicken and wedges), then we headed home around 9. Thankfully, Oliver was pretty tuckered out from a busy day, so he ate a bottle and went to sleep. Bo and I followed suit.

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