Monday, July 19, 2010

The end of the weekend

Sunday was my day to sleep in, and I managed to do so until 8:30. Balls. That is so not sleeping in, but I just had a million things running through my mind and was worried about Oliver. I'd be up at 3am with him because his fever was running high still so I gave him some more Tylenol then and rocked him back to sleep. The fever is so aggravating because we just can't get it to break, they Tylenol has brought it down a degree, two at the most, but after two hours it's climbing right back up.

When I got to the family room Bo and Oliver were both sleeping on the couch, so I went downstairs so as not to wake them up, wasting 30 minutes on the computer before I heard Oliver. He fever was the same, 101.5, but he was acting more like himself, fighting to get down on the floor and play. He couldn't go to daycare tomorrow because you have to be 24 hours fever free, so I made a couple of phone calls and Nana is going to come and watch him tomorrow, and possibly stay over to Wednesday because Bo and I have meetings Monday and Tuesday that we can't get out of. This is absolutely killing me.

Around 11 we all headed out to grocery shop, thinking that the fresh air might do him some good, and he did seem fine while there, if a little more quiet. At the check out though, he started chirping and waving and Bo couldn't figure out why, until he looked to his right and saw a little girl, maybe 18 months, smiling and waving back at him. Then they started "talking" to each other. Hysterical.

Oliver was looking tired and passed out before we were even out of the parking lot. We went home and I put all the groceries away while Bo sat in the car with Oliver, then we went back to Newmarket and Kelsey's for lunch (2 for 1 apps on Sunday's!). He was ok for the first half hour or so, a little fussy but he tried some potato and some lobster from my pasta (possibly a bad idea on my part), but really all he wanted was puffs. Oh, and to feed me his carrot stick, which he found hilarious! Then, out of nowhere, projectile vomit all over him, his tray, his chair, and the seat. Two bouts of it. Not fun. Really not fun actually.

It was a mad sync between Bo and I to keep his hands out of the vomit, and get him cleaned up enough to get him to the bathroom and change him. The smell though, that smell will stay with me for months to come. Clearly it was time to go, so Bo tried to eat the last couple of bite of his sandwich while we waited for the bill. He didn't really have much of an appetite left though.

From there it was home for the night. Oliver was cleaned up and put into some nice comfy pj's while I got the laundry going. Oliver fell asleep fairly quickly, while I was going through his drawers and removing anything that he'd grown out of. Bo was getting ready to play a video game (something I haven't seem him do since Oliver was born, except at Christmas with Ben), so I went downstairs and did a clean that was long over due. I cleaned the kitchen and table, tidied all Oliver's toys downstairs, and cleaned the office and did some outstanding paperwork. After that I vacuumed downstairs. Once Oliver woke up I vacuumed upstairs and the actual stairs, then went and had a quick bath.

For dinner I made polish sausages for Bo and I, but I didn't like them at all (it's a brand thing, because I love polish street meat). I made Oliver a peanut butter and jam sandwich, but he didn't really want to eat much of anything. After dinner Oliver helped me make some Pillsbury cookies (yes, I totally cheeped out here), and he absolutely loved being held and watching the cookies bake in the oven (I turned the light on inside for him). When they were done Bo took him upstairs with a bottle and put him in the bouncer, and by the time I made a cheese sauce for some nachos he was already asleep, which kinds sucked for me, but was good for him. Just before we put him to bed we took his temp again and it was finally down, so we're hoping this is a trend that will continue. I hate our little guy being sick in any way, it just completely breaks my heart.

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