Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Night!

Friday was a normal day at work. Truth be told I totally slacked off, relaxing more then anything and taking some time to read more of the photography courses that I've been working through. I was able to get Nana and Papa to babysit Oliver for a couple of hours tonight so that Bo and I could go and see inception, so I was itching to get out of work too. I finally left on time (I'd been 5 minutes late the last couple of days and it totally screwed up my drive home. Ridiculous that 5 minutes can do that). It took me 2 hours today (well, 1 hour and 52 minutes to be exact, but we'll round up for dramatic effect). The 401 was bad, so I got on the 410 to 407. The 400 was supposed to be a joke (It took Bo over and hour and he left Mississauga an hour before me from a tender drop-off). Bo suggested I take 27, which would have been fantastic, except when I got to Rutherford it was closed and there was a medi-vac helicopter on the road. So, I went across Rutherford and took Weston until it ended at hwy 9. When I crossed the 400 there it was still stopped, so I kept on hwy 9 to Dufferin St, then worked my way through Bradford. Dear lord that drive SUCKED!

When I got home Nana and Papa still weren't there, so I was a little worried because the game plan was to leave the house at 5:45 (already passed that), to make it to the 6:30 showing of Inception, because it's such a long movie (2 hours and 39 minutes I believe). Thankfully, they pulled in about 5 minutes after I got home, so Bo and I ran out right away. We got our tickets (free) and our large drink and large popcorn (also free, thanks scene points), and threw on another large drink. Hey, it's a long movie, and truth be told, I almost finished mine before it even started. I was a total camel Friday. We walked into the theater at 6:20, and it was packed. We would have had to sit right at the front, and this was not the right movie for that. So, back to the ticket desk to switch to the 7pm show. SUCH a good idea! It was in a bigger theater, and we had our choice of seats, and only 30 minutes until the movie started. I snuck off to get Bo two slices of pizza, of which I ate one, and a large fries with a side of gravy from New York Fries. Woot!

The movie was FANTASTIC! I loved it so so much. Bo was at least entertained by the action, but said he was a little confused by the movie. He couldn't have been that confused because we've been arguing about what the ending meant ever since. It was just so good, I want to see it again to try and look for clues I may have missed.

We got back home around 10, Nana and Papa took off, and we got Oliver to bed with one last bottle. It was a nice Friday for a change, a little bit more like they used to be.

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