Friday, July 16, 2010

Not a fun night

Today was pretty much a bullshit day. Work was work, but nicely broken up Oliver (who was happy as usual). Before going home we ran over to Wal-mart so that I could buy some Tupperware to organize the pantry. This is where the crappy night begins.

When I pulled into the driveway Oliver fell asleep (literally), so I unpacked the car then went out to get him. As I took my sleeping boy out of the car nana and papa pulled into the driveway to drop off a filing cabinet (one that was not accurately described to me, FYI, it's SO heavy and's just going to end up in the trash I think). They stayed outside talking for about a half hour, which is fine, but totally screwed up my schedule for the rest of the night.

Bo got home about 10 minutes after they left, found out I spend $80 on Tupperware and got seriously mad at me. Rightfully so, and I said as much. I thought that my mat leave pay was still to come, so I checked the back, expecting another $400, but it had already gone in and I didn't notice, so that $80 made us really tight (beyond tight really). So, Bo didn't talk to me the rest of the night. Lovely. He did go upstairs to take a dump though, so I was still on my own with Oliver. Not that I mind, I don't. I wish I was all the time. It's just tough to get dinner going, and now it was almost 7:30 and I hadn't started our dinner yet, which takes an hour to cook. The night just sucked.

So, I made Oliver a grilled cheese, which he didn't feel like. He ended up eating cereal bars and crackers. The second night I've sucked as a mom this week. Thank good I give him good healthy breakfasts (and his lunch at daycare). Then I made our dinner, but not exactly what it was supposed to be. Bo was pissed, I was getting upset at the fact that he never tells me that I'm a good mom, or do a good job, or thanks me for doing any of the things I do (everything) around the house. I'm pretty sure this was just a defense mechanism to divert the fact that he was rightfully mad at me, so I didn't say anything. Anyway, all we had for dinner was the pork tenderloin and roasted new red potatoes. I wasn't up for the cauliflower and apple crisp. I just didn't care any more.

Oliver crashed very shortly after eating his dinner for the night, so thankfully I was in bed by ten for a change. I was absolutely exhausted.

My fingers are crossed for a baby sitter tomorrow night (nana and papa), so that I can go and see Inception. I know, but we have no money!!! I've got enough scene points for two adult tickets, a large popcorn, and a large drink, so we're covered. It'll just cost us $5 for a second drink, which we'll need, it's a 2½ hour long movie.

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