Monday, July 26, 2010


So, Saturday morning rolled around at 6:30 when Oliver woke up and I just could not drag my butt out of bed. So I asked Bo to instead, and he did without so much as a sideways glance at me. Good husband! I tossed and turned for another four hours (but I probably could have done so until 3 in the afternoon). I got up and headed to the family room to spend some time with my guys.

We watched tv for a bit, and we played for a bit, just had a nice relaxing Saturday morning. I can't even remember all the details of what we did because it was just that, average and boring and perfect. I made Oliver some macaroni and cheese for lunch, and took some pictures of him while he played downstairs. Ok, time to whore out a wack of pictures. He's just so darn cute though!


After another couple of hours spent watching America's Test Kitchen (YES!) while Oliver napped we headed into Newmarket to do some grocery shopping. Bo and I are struggling financially right now. We got in way over our head with credit card debt when we moved into the new house, so now we're doing our best to get out of his, working with the back to consolidate it onto our mortgage. Until that happens though, money's tight. Our grocery / home / Oliver budget is $160 a week (this is for absolutely everything, all food, home supplies, diapers, wipes, etc.). To so many people this must seem like a ridiculous amount of money. You must read this and think, my god, this chick is just completely out of touch with reality.

The truth, yeah, I probably am. I'm 27 years old (28 in a matter of days, I should really just start going by 28), and I have been spoiled my entire life. I never had to worry about where the next dollar was coming from, or wondering if I could afford that $30 wedge of parmagiano reggiano. This is a ridiculous adjustment for me, and it's hard, and I bitch and moan about it in my head (never to Bo though, because I know this mess is far more my fault then it is his). Don't judge me too harshly though. Please. Because I am trying, and I'm trying to make this a permanent change, because I know that it would be good for me.

Just let me bitch and moan on here, at least a little bit. Like, I REALLY wish I could have bought that $30 block of parmagiano reggiano this week. lol.

Oliver passed out in the car on the way home, of course. I swear the car is his kryptonite. Anyway, we unpacked the car and then I started on dinner. It was late though, I couldn't believe it was already 7:30. Tonight we were having (by request by Bo), buffalo chicken bites with canned corn. That's right, my husband is married to someone who loves to cook. LOVE's corn on the cob, and all he wanted with his chicken bites was a can of Green Giant (had to be that brand) peaches and cream corn. He's hilarious. First though, I made a hot dog for Oliver, and he had that with some cheese and a few little munchie things. It was his first hot dog and he seemed to really like it.

Dinner for Bo and I was a little late though, because I also decided to make Mac and Cheese for us as a side. They made it on America's Test Kitchen and it just looked SO fantastic that I couldn't resist. With my own tweaks though. I had considered my mac and cheese as already perfected, but I've been proven wrong before, and I was again.

Exhausted, after dinner and another hour or so of tv, we all headed to bed. This was a pretty darn great Saturday though.

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