Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello long weekend!

Fridays are always fantastic, but the Friday of a long weekend? It really doesn't get better!

The morning went off without a hitch, and they tend to do now, but for the fifth day in a row I didn't get to see Oliver before I left. I think he's settled into a new routine and this may just be the way it is. I had a nice and easy day at work, there were no major deadlines to meet, really just getting everything organized for next week. The kicker? My boss closed the office at 3, so I got to jump out an hour earlier then normal and beat the worst of the traffic!

We had our appraisal today on our house so that we can *hopefully* consolidate all of our debt onto our mortgage. This all depends on how much the house is appraised at, and this is a little dicey because it's a new home (new construction) and we've only been in it a year. We put a TON on money into it, which contributed to the debt because most of it is on visas and a line of credit. We were stupid and wanted to to do most of the big stuff off the bat, and save the small things for down the road. This meas that we bought a house for $400k, then put $100k into it with upgrades and appliances. With our down payment and the stuff we've already paid off, we have just under $50k that we would like to consolidate, but the way our mortgage insurance is set up we need an approval of $500k to have a mortgage of $450k.

This is way to confusing...my head is already hurting.

Anyway, I was home by 4:30 after picking Oliver up, and Bo had beat me there (I love that he gets home early on Fridays, yet another reason that they're fantastic!). Hank, the appraiser, got there around 5:30 and was long gone by 6 (I had no idea how fast these were). He told us not to worry about the last two bathrooms not being tiled (Oliver's and the master bath, not important at all right, lol). Apparently he thought that there was nothing in there, no toilets or anything, so he said that because it's just the tile missing we won't lose much at all. WOOT!

After Hank left Bo occupied Oliver while I made a FANTASTIC dinner, chevapi, corn (from a can for Bo, it's how he prefers it, lol) and crostini, my favourite! We ate dinner in front of the tv tonight, terrible for Oliver, I know, but we enjoyed the change. After dinner we brought Oliver in to change into his pj's, when he started to choke a little on a piece of meat that he must have been storing in his cheek. It wasn't really a big deal, we stood him up and he coughed and it popped out. I knew better though. Oliver looked right at me, I turned my head a little to the left and said "he's going to throw up on me", and then he did. It was in my nose, my hair all over my clothes and down my shirt, curdled milk, chevapi and canned corn. Arugh, so gross, not to mention how covered Oliver was, poor kid! I cuddled with him while Bo got his bath running, and as soon as I had um undressed and cleaned up enough to hand off to Bo I ran to our bathroom to clean up too. SO gross.

After that we just cuddled with Oliver on the couch, gave him another bottle, then headed to bed.

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