Monday, August 9, 2010

Zoo day!

Today was just a fantastic day!

We all got up early to nice bright sunshine and headed out to the zoo by 9am to meet Tash and Josh. The weather was almost perfect (just a little too hot for me at times in the sun), with the slightest breeze and a few clouds at times.

We beat Tash and Josh there by about ten minutes, enough time for me to drop off my photos for the contest and then line-up to take Oliver on the carousel. He wasn't too thrilled with Mommy's pick of the dragonfly so we moved to the monkey beside it. When he wanted to switch again to the parrot I put my foot down, lol.

Oliver was having none of being put into his stroller, instead demanding to walk pretty much the entire zoo. After 4 hours all us adults were exhausted but Oliver, he just kept on trucking. That's my boy! Pictures are better then words, so I'll let them do the rest of the talking. Let's just say Oliver's favourite animal is officially the hippo! At least for now.

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