Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch up

Well, life has been crazy this last week, so I'm about to do something I hate: a weeks worth of updates in one post. Here's hoping it doesn't get too long.

Tuesday it was back to work as usual for us, nothing exciting except for the fact that I was exhausted for no reason, and kinda starting to some down with a cold.

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday, only I was even more tired and now officially with cold. Ok, not exactly the same as it was my birthday, lol, I have a terrible memory! I ran home after work and picked up Oliver then the two of us headed back to the city to meet Bo and Baton Rouge for dinner. I was really not feeling well, suffering from a terribly upset stomach. On top of that Oliver was so much fussier then he's ever been. Because of this I didn't eat nearly as much as I wanted to or normally would, and we headed home fairly quickly. I felt terrible for ruining a great dinner that Bo was trying to give me. Once back home my boys spoiled me terribly with an incredible 8" Sony digital picture frame, and a 32GB (you read that correctly, 32GB) high speed card for my camera. I can't wait to bust into those!

Thursday I drove all the way to work, then right back home. I was exhausted and just couldn't function any more. I had to sleep. All of the past weeks with the change back to working and what not had finally caught up with me. I was back home around 9:30 after a quick stop at Loblaws for something that I can't remember now, and then straight into bed. I slept all the way to 3:00 and it was blissful. Once I woke up I tidied up the kitchen, gathered the garbage, and then went and picked up Oliver like normal. Bo was a little bit late getting home because he was desperate for a hair cut, but then we just chilled on the couch for the rest of the night.

Friday was back to normal, and back to work, which now officially totally sucks. I do not want to be here. I want to be home with my son, cleaning house, baking goodies, and personally raising our boy. C'est la vie. For now.

Friday night Bo and I did something for the first time ever though! Well, first we started off with a trip to Newmarket for supplies. Stop one was Best Buy where I ran in to purchase "Kick Ass", second stop was Home Sense for a Whirley Pop popcorn maker, and movie theater popcorn. A huge bonus to this was that I checked the kids section. There was a painting (reprinted on canvas) that I had fallen in love with a month ago and wanted for Oliver's room. It has an animal painted for each letter of the alphabet, and it's not girly or too childish, it's just cool. We didn't have money though at the time (it was $50), so I went back to the store every day to try and hid it at the back of the other paintings, but two weeks ago it was gone, the only one sold, and I was devastated. Today though, there it was, a perfect one without a scratch or mark or anything one it. I was just SO happy. After that we picked up a couple of pizza's and headed home.

Here's where the first comes in; once Oliver was asleep and in his crib Bo and I watched a movie. As in, we watched a new movie all the way through without either of us falling asleep (and while eating some delectable popcorn!). I absolutely loved doing this, and I'm thinking that we just may need to make a habit of it, even though it meant we didn't get to bed until midnight. Still, it was totally worth it, and Kick Ass was fantastic!

Saturday morning I got up with Oliver and made him some pancakes for breakfast, which he loved as usual. He ate two on his own, but once I put some nutella on a third he couldn't resist, lol. Oliver and I had to run out and buy some milk because we were just about out and I hadn't noticed (bad Mommy), and once we were back Bo got up and helped me clean up the house (he vacuumed everything for me, all I did was tidy up, he's awesome!). Diana, Marty, Ben, Jen, Alex and Miles all came by for a couple of hours to visit Oliver. Diana and Marty brought this adorable little Dog puppet and Jenny and Alex brought him an INCREDIBLE Hippo stuffed animal straight from the cobble stoned streets of Paris. Honestly, I want one for myself.

I need to make a very important aside here. We've left Oliver's picture downstairs and he makes us walk over to it with him fifty times a day already (I'm so thrilled that he loves it!). So, this morning I sat with Oliver on my lap, and we he pointed to an animal I'd tell him what animal it was and what letter it started with. Well, my genius son (and he is totally a genius), pointed to the dog when I asked him where the doggy was, and then proceeded to say dog (ok, so it's more like da-ga, but that's close enough for me!). This isn't a fluke either, he gets it right 100% of the time and  has since added monkey to the repertoire (pointing, not saying).

After all the family left Bo and I packed Oliver up and headed to the cottage. We had to carry their new bathtub upstairs (thankfully not quite as bad as we thought it might be). After that Nana and Papa watched Oliver while Bo and I ran out for dinner and a movie. We ate at Kelsey's but it was the worst meal we'd had in a long time (although a Kristen Wigg doppelganger was our waitress), then we want to see The Other Guys (a last minute mistake switch from Dinner With Schmucks). The movie was SO bad. We kept turning to each other and asking if this was some kind of a joke. Well, it turns out it was, it was a spoof on cop buddy movies but we didn't know. Maybe the movie is great if you know that going in, we'll never know.

After the movie we headed to the cottage to grab Oliver, then home to bed.

Sunday was an average Sunday for us. I got to sleep in today, and did until 10:30. Then I jumped in the bath and made a split second decision to cut my hair. As in myself. I'm starting to wonder if I'm a little bi-polar on top of that slight OCD. I'm actually really happy with it though, and I don't think I took too much off after all (even though it was a good 3 inches). Bo wasn't feeling great to he tried to take a thirty minute nap, but the shock of my hair seemed to ruin that for him. After that we went to do our running. First we went to Home Depot for some toilet parts and storage tubs (they were sold out though). Then we went to Kelsey's again for lunch, which was fantastic this time. After that it was off to Costco and Loblaws for grocery's, then back home. My mom got there around 8 because she's watching Oliver for the next couple of days, and we had a late dinner of KFC (Oliver had his dinner earlier) then headed off to bed.

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