Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Today was another nothing day. Back to work never really means a lot of fun though.

Nana spent the day with Oliver, hoping that the appliance repair men would show, but they didn't. Big shock. I got home and made some fantastic pulled pork (I made the homemade BBQ sauce for it last night), and served it with curly fries, buns, rolls and garlic bread rolls (fantastic). Papa stopped in on his way back to the cottage from work in order to eat with us, so Oliver was happy to have all the company.

After dinner we cleaned up and headed upstairs. Oliver fell asleep early for us, so Bo and I headed to bed too. I tried to talk to him a bit last night, but it just took a turn for the worse with nothing getting solved and me left wondering if Bo even really wants to be here right now. This blows.

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