Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oliver's First Haircut

Aug. 21, 2010

I've been SO incredibly lazy about posting (which I swear is about to change). Anyway, to have some sort of a record of when things happen (thank you photo dating), I'm including the date on the posts until I'm caught up.

Despite all the family cursing and swearing all bloody hell should we cut Oliver's hair, we did exactly that. It's not as if we shaved it all off, it's just that his bangs were constantly in his eyes and he had these (adorable) little curls playing around his ears that drove Bo nuts.

So, on a Saturday morning we loaded up and headed off to Newmarket and Melon Heads (a really cute kids haircut salon). They were going to take us right away, except the only "chair" available was a pink car with white daisy's all over it, and Bo was having none of that. We decided to wait for a more boyish chair to become available. Oliver had no problem with this though. As it turned out, another set of parents had just put a dollar into a motorized horse, but the poor thing found it to be too rough for her (it was quite the violent horse). See was around 6, and her father offered Oliver the rest of the ride. Of course he'll go one.

Oliver didn't just go on the horse. He grabbed the reins (metal bar, whatever), plastered a giant smile on his face, and road the hell out of that horse, for 22.5 seconds until the ride finished. Then he gave Bo some of the greatest cut eye that I've ever seen, and I dug out another dollar from my purse. All was right in the world with his second ride, and after that a cute orange fish chair (just like Nemo) opened up.

Bo and I had no idea what to expect. We were worried that he would scream and cry, or move around too much and make it impossible for his hair to be cut. Or worse, gasp, he would move and they would cut him.

Why did we worry. Why haven't we learned that Oliver is a perfect child, perfect in every way. How many examples does he have to give us before we just accept that yes, he's perfect and nothing's going to change that.

He sat still the entire time, he didn't mind when they wet his hair, or turned him around. The only thing he showed any interest in was the electric clippers, and even then all he did was turn to see where the noise was coming from. I'm sure it helped that they had playhouse Disney on the tv for him to watch (Handy Manny no less).

In 10 short minutes his hair was cut and we were on our way out the door, me with his first clipping. Our little guy is growing up, and looking the part too. It's kinda nuts how a simple thing like a hair cut can make your baby look frighteningly like a little boy.

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