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Sept. 1, 2010

Bo was in London today for a meeting (again tomorrow too, Booo!), so it was just Oliver and I for the night. I made dinner easy on myself so that I could make some mini pizzas for Bo when he gets home and eat with him, so for Oliver I cheated and stopped at Sobeys for a ¼ chicken and some potato wedges. I did make some carrots for him though. Lord does this boy love his carrots!

He ate a bit of the chicken, not a ton, though he did have quite a few carrots and a couple of potatoes. I won't say that dinner was a complete write off. While he was eating I decided that my boy needed a cookie; a nice soft homemade cookie. The problem was that I'd never made a nice, soft, homemade cookie before. Quite a conundrum. Oatmeal chocolate chip? No problem. Fancy Christmas cookies, please, childs play. A delicious, melt in your mouth, fluffy, airy, soft warm cookie. Now that gives me chills. It seems so difficult, a cookie with a hint of cake, I didn't know where to start. Should I look online? Would googling for "nice soft homemade cookie" actually bring any usable results?


Apparently to the rest of the world nice soft homemade cookies = sugar cookies. Not what I was going for. So, I did what I always do, I broke out old faithful (The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook) and I flipped through the cookie section. Snickerdoodles. I'd never seen one before, though I'd seen the name in a few other picture-less cookbooks.

An aside: why do people make picture-less cookbooks. Do many of you actually just make a dish and hope for the best when you have no idea what it is. I can't do it. My heart can't take it. I completely second guess myself and become convinced that the final result looks nothing like it's supposed to. Picture-less cookbooks are the devil to an anxiety ridden, panic attack susceptible me.

Any way, the picture of the Snickerdoodles looked like exactly what I was looking for. The description as a cookie favored in the South was a nice touch too (I always picture myself as an Alabama living, coon dog owning small town kind of girl, who just happened to be born in Canada).

Short story made long now being made short again; they were fantastic!

I adjusted a couple of things in the recipe, because why not right. I also made the cookies half the size as recommended and am very glad for that, I can't even begin to imagine the disaster that would have baked in my oven.. Oliver was quite the fan, and paraded around the house proudly displaying his cookie half to me (I only ate the first half to make it easier for him to hold, honest).

The sweet kid even shared it with me when I asked. Ok, so first he tried to give me a yellow disk with a picture on it, but when I didn't accept that he relented and let me have a bite of his cookie.

Picture time!

Hey Oliver, can Mommy have a bite of your cookie?

Well, thank you, that's a sweet offer and all, but I'm not really big on yellow picture disks. You know what I am a fan of though, Snickerdoodles (who knew). Mommy would really like another bite of your snickerdoodle (the first half of it just wasn't enough). 

 Ok, ok. Mommy promises that this will be the last bite she takes of your cookie. Cross my heart and all that jazz.


Mommy loves you.

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