Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What weekend

This weekend was rough, and not in a good way. It went by far too quickly, and we did absolutely nothing. I've decided that this is a terrible way to spend your only two days off.

Saturday was Bo's day to sleep in. And he did, until 11 o'clock (lucky bastard, we were in bed by ten last night!). Oliver and I got up and had pancakes for breakfast (it's our thing), and then we just spent the next two hours playing with toys, reading books, and finally taking a little nap. Before I cooked breakfast I filled up his little pool though, so that it could get warm for him for the afternoon.

Oliver woke up from his nap just before 11, then wanted to walk, so I gave him my hand and we ventured into the hall. He went straight to our bedroom door and started banging on it again.

Side note: Earlier this morning, around 8am, Oliver decided to go for for a cruise on his own. He went from the kitchen to the main stairs, up the stairs (by himself), and to our bedroom door, where he banged on it twice, said "Daddy" and then sat there waiting for Daddy to open the door. I scooped him up and took him quietly into our room. We sat on the bed right beside Dad so that Oliver could see him sleeping, then we snuck back out to play some more.

Ok, back to 11am though, I opened the door and let Oliver walk in. Bo was already up, just laying in bed, so good timing on our part. Oliver played in our room for about a half hour, then Bo carried him out because he thought that he looked tired. I did not think this, but I took advantage of Bo occupying Oliver and I napped on and off on the chaise.

Oliver kept fussing though, and Bo forgot that it was lunch time, so eventually I got up to get him some food. He hasn't been eating well at all for the last few days, and today was no exception. So, up, out of the bouncer and into his bathing suit. Bo jumped in the bath and tried to rush to come see Oliver in his pool, but it wasn't to be. The first thing Oliver learned how to do is push the sides down so that the water rushes out and onto the grass. Good for our new grass, bad for keeping water in the pool. Oliver had all but an inch emptied out within five minutes, then he just wanted to walk around the lawn. The wind started to kick up though, and Oliver wasn't thrilled about the cold, wet clothes being pushed up against his skin, so we headed inside just as Bo was walking out of our bedroom to come downstairs.

With nothing else to do, we headed out to do our grocery shopping on a very limited budget this week. Completely my own fault as per usual. Once home Bo took Oliver upstairs to give him a bottle, and they both napped again. This is turning into a habit of sorts! I used this time to have a nice and relaxing bath, the first one in a long time. Then I made my pie, which was delicious! Then tackled dinner. Tonight was chevapi, nice and easy, and the most unhealthy fries you could ever eat. I was flipping through the pages of my Cooks Country cookbook and saw a picture of delicious looking potato wedges. I had to try them before I even read the recipe and realized that they were double dusted and fried. Horrible, delicious, but horrible.

Oliver fell asleep fairly early so Bo and I put in The Informant (ok, but barely). I ran onto the computer and got upset when Bo's email opened and I realized he'd told a little white lie. I then turned this into a huge thing, getting upset that he had time to email people answering questions at his old job (which he hated), but no time to write back to me when I tried opening up to him a week ago. This meant that I couldn't sleep though, so once I finally convinced Bo to go to bed, I stayed on the computer, waiting time, until almost three am.

Sunday morning Oliver woke up at 5am, and it was Bo's turn to get up, thank god. I ended up sleeping in until 11:30, then went and spent some time with Oliver. He didn't feel like napping so we all went to the park for an hour, then we ordered pizza hut for dinner and headed out to pick it up. Nana got there around 9:30, amidst the worst storm of the year (she was literally soaked just from walking from the car to the door). Oliver wasn't ready for bed yet though, but we finally got him into his crib at 10:30, then went to bed ourselves.

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