Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why... WHY

Why can't I stunt his growth?

Why does my boy insist on growing up so quickly, and doing such "kid" things?

What happened to my baby?

I miss my baby.

A couple of weeks ago he decided to start drinking from a straw. Now it's juice boxes, all on his own, without spilling a drop anywhere.

I can't take this.

It's too much.

*running off to google growth stunting*

One last thing... please ignore how exhausted he looks. My child does not sleep, not at day-care, not at home. He wakes up at 7, goes to bed at 11 and we can't break it. Lord how we'd love to, but we can. Bo and I literally do a happy dance when he finally crashes on night at 9 because we get to go to bed early.

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