Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick update

God I've been tired.

So, so, so, so, so, so tired.


I've just been REALLY tired.

That's why there's been no updates.

Who updates blogs nowadays anyway?


So, updates to come tomorrow, including a crying Oliver is a snow suit, a crying Oliver with Santa, a crying Oliver with a cookie...

Wait, I'm starting to see a trend here. I'll break it up with a ridiculously happy and cute Oliver at home with me for a snow day. I've got some yeasted waffles too.

You must make/eat yeasted waffles.

You'll never go back.

Especially to eggos. Unless you're, like, in a rush.

I'll admit it.

I still stock eggos in the freezer.

But I really shouldn't.

I think I made something else too, there's a vague recollection of something cheesy and pasta-ish...manacotti maybe? With spinach I believe. Sounds about right. I didn't take a picture of it though. Because I suck. And I was stupid hungry and just slapped it on my plate and devoured it. The recipe is really great though, so I'll get it up too.

Back to why I'm even posting right now.

I'm nervous. Really ridiculously nervous for no reason in particular. Well, except that I'm a little bit nuts in a few different respects and that tends to allow me the headspace to worry for no reason in particular.

C'est la vie.

Today, at 12pm, in 1 hour and 51 minutes exactly, I'm having an ultrasound to check on our little baby number 2. Bo's meeting me there. I've had nothing out of the ordinary happen for the last two weeks, but even still, I'm so nervous. I just feel like something's going to be wrong.

I'm pretty sure I did this to myself the first time around with Oliver.

But I can't really remember.

So I keep telling myself that it's instinct, that there is something wrong.

Then I eat another au caramel.

Which isn't helping because I'm pregnant and should be eating only fruit, salad, and vegetables. And cheese, because a person can't not eat cheese.

I'll go back to doing that as soon as I get this ultrasound taken care of.

Besides, I'm only eating the au caramel's because Oliver's daycare lady mentioned them last night, which made me make Bo go and buy me some, which I now can't stop eating.

So it's all her fault.

I'm going to give my OB her number and let her deal with it.

I wonder if that will work.

I wonder if this is what they meant by "stream of consciousness" writing.

I'm pretty sure it is.

Fascinating being in my brain, isn't it?

Ok, anyway, after the ultrasound I have my first appointment with my OB at 1:30. I'm not worried about that though, more curious because I can't remember all the details of the last time around and I'm hoping she'll be able to jog my memory.

Fingers crossed.

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