Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dang it.

I keep forgetting my pictures of brown butter fried gnocchi at home. This truly is a crime. Because they are delicious. So delicious I'm now making them as a side for Christmas dinner, even though to my ridiculously Canadian family that is the last thing you would see.

We're (meaning historically, before this year, my first year cooking) a Christmas dinner consisting of:

Turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts with a cream sauce, cauliflower with a cheese sauce, and Pillsbury crescent rolls. Oh yeah, the obligatory pickle tray too, can't forget that, Bo loves his pickled beats!

This year though, well, things are a changing. And they're starting with brown butter fried gnocchi.

Did I mention how fantastic they are? Crisp and nutty tasting on the outside, soft little pillows on the inside.

Bo's actually requested that I make them in lieu of potato chips on the weekend.

I'm totally down with this.

Tomorrow, I swear, tomorrow.

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