Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakfast in the K house

Nov. 9, 2010

These are old. But they're great, so I had to play catch-up. I meant to post them a while ago but they just got lost on my computer, the abyss the it is.

Here's my guy, getting my other guy some much wanted milk.

And here's my guy yelling at me for taking the picture.

I think I'll just try licking the strawberry jam...

Aww man, it's getting in my nose... must try just the jam though.

I'm not sure I feel like strawberry jam after all.

If only there was a way to try another type of jam? Wait, there is!



Thanks for the black currant jam Mom, much better!

I think I'm getting a little too sleep to eat anything else Dad.

Mom, why doesn't Dad listen to me?

What do you mean he doesn't have to? He's the adult? He's DAD.

You're so silly Mommy.

I had to include this one too, it's from a few days before, late at night, when our little guy was quite tired but just would not go to sleep. Have I mentioned that I love this kid!

Have I mentioned that we REALLY need to get some sort of picture up above that cough. Groan.

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