Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny Story

First of all, I suck, because I don't update this. And that's a horrible thing, because I have a terrible memory, so besides not keeping a record of my favorite recipes, I'm also losing that record of all the mundane things that go on in our house.

Not today though, because last night something so ridiculously cute happened that if I don't write it down I'll hate myself forever. Or as long as I can remember to.

Any way...

Wednesday night is garbage night, which you've heard me complain about millions of many times before. Oliver's usually my little "helper", trekking around behind me from room to room. I start upstairs, master bedroom, Oliver's room, guest room, then into the upstairs family room. Here's where I lost my little helper. He found Chuck the talking Truck and I was forgotten, so I continued downstairs, and had been cleaning out the fridge when I realized it had been at least 5 minutes since I'd heard anything.


Not a peep, not him walking across the floor. Not him trying to turn the TV on, or climbing onto the table, or knocking over a picture. Nothing. And this was very concerning, because when he's that quiet he's into something he KNOWS he shouldn't be.

I tried calling him, still silence.

I crept up the stairs, jumped around the corner thinking I'd catch him painting on the walls or something. But from across the room, all I saw was my little angel sitting on the couch, looking at me.

Then I saw the Oreo bag.

I walked over to the couch, and Oliver, panic in his eyes, stretched out his arm to offer me the last eighth of an Oreo cookie, with all the filling licked off.

"Hey Mom, I was just getting this cookie for you, but I wanted to test it first to make sure it was fresh"

Sure you did Oliver.

Then, when I said "No thank you", trying to act all stern, he slowly, while still looking at me, tucked his arm under his bouncer, and "hid" the cookie. This is when I couldn't take it any more and just burst out laughing. I told him he could finish the cookie, but he acted like he didn't know what cookie I was talking about, and he jumped off the couch and headed downstairs to help me finish the garbage.

I have no clue how many Oreo's he went through before I got up there, I'm only glad that he'd already eaten dinner so it didn't ruin his appetite. Judging by the amount of crumbs stuck to his face and hands, I'd guess at least a few.

An hour and a half later, when we went back upstairs to watch some tv, the first thing he did was bee-line it to his bouncer and eat that last bit of cookie.

I love this kid so much!


Jen said...

haha love him.
By the sounds of it he is going to grow up with Robert's luck ... "I love you mom" will get him out of EVERYTHING, even when he's 18.

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